Friday 4 February 2011

The Secrets Of My Wardrobe!

It was requested, numerous of times, for me to do a "closet tour".
I always kindly declined to do this video, just because my closet is 80% of the time always extremely messy!
When it comes to the point that I don't even know what do I have inside& where did I put the clothes that I need for the day, well, then it's time to re-organize everything (all over again)!!
The problem with my messy wardrobe is pretty simple actually: Too much clothes- too small of a storage space.
Plus, I always keep both my summer clothes& my winter clothes in my wardrobe at any time, so you see how this might fill up the space easily!
Anyways, I also always declined to do a closet tour vid because I didn't think I have anything interesting to show you, or any particular tips to share :(

The other day, I spent the entire afternoon organising my storage room& my wardrobe.
After everything was put into place, I kind of got an inspiration to actually do this request of yours& film my wardrobe!
I had to take the chance now that everything was so nicely in order (from the pics to you it might not seem that much in order, but trust me, IT IS! Maybe I should have taken the "before" pics That would be scary...)

I also did a Wardrobe tag video, basically I answered some of the questions concerning well, my wardrobe, obviously! ;)
It's just a fun tag that I saw on youtube& thought I might just go ahead and do it, while I'm already filming a "Organizing my wardrobe/closet tour" video.

So don't forget to check out my video!
Also if you'd like to participate in this tag, you can leave me a video response under my video!
I'd love to see the "secrets" of your wardrobe!

And now, let me show you the "secrets" of mine:

My "main" wardrobe
It's actually pretty small, isn't it?
You can see my straw hat& my summer clothes,
 hanged of the left side.

I have 3 compartments packed full with clothes!

Whenever I find, browsing through a fashion magazine or a catalogue,
 an outfit/styling that I'd like to wear myself, I cut it out&
paste on the inside of the doors of my wardrobe!

More cute styling ideas on the left door of my closet!
Here is my smaller closet:

A decoration on my wardrobe's door:
A beautiful pink butterfly!

Here I store my leather jackets, rompers, longer shirts&
dresses, summer tops, bags...

I don't think this can fit another piece of clothing item
inside LOL!!
I also have a mini-rail for all my coats, winter jackets& longer wool cardigans...

This mini-rail was given to me by a friend who moved
back to Argentina, so she had to leave this behind!
I find it very helpful! :)
Where do I keep all my belts?

In the second drawer of my cabinet!
I can hardly close it!
Belts are (also) my addiction.
And, as for the jewellery storage, I already have a video up on that, so you can check it out here:

Since then, I did make some changes to how I store my jewellery, but just some minor ones!

Here is the updated pic:

My jewellery boxes& the way I store my earrings!
This is it girls, the secret to my closet organisation!
I hope you enjoyed this little "tour".

Have fun organizing your messy wardrobes!

xoxo, Sonja

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  1. Loved your wardrobe tour Sonja!! Wow, you have alot of earrings!! I used to have alot. I guess my style is more French now, with "less is more". LOL A little of this..a little of that, and TONS of makeup. LOL And perfume. But, I am trying to whittle that down too, to LESS LESS LESS! I was overwhelmed!! And as you said, I didn't even KNOW what all I had. When I found new things, I felt like I had gone shopping! LOL My sister was the one who is VERY into style/clothes. I was never into it. But, I enjoy watching for tips, when I do need new things! Thank you!


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