Tuesday 15 February 2011

REVIEW: Kerastase Nutrition& Revlon Professional

I know, I know, I constantly rave about how I adore Kerastase products...I could go on& on about this topic and you'd probably get sick of me telling you about the miracles Kerastase products do to my hair... 
BUT I can't help myself, it's SO TRUE!!! I realized I never actually sat down to do a proper review on my absolut FAVES, so now it's about time to do so, I guess :) ...

It's not that I'm some kind of hair care products snob& only use the expensive products for my hair care!
I do use drugstore brands as well.
Occasionally, when I want to switch a bit my haircare routine, or when I'm low on my budget, I'll buy Schwarzkopf products (their shampoos, conditioners& masks are among the best when talking about drugstore brands), I also love Wella and L'oreal...occasionally I'll buy Herbal Essences too.

I have tried so many haircare products BUT, especially when talking about conditioners, deep conditioners and intensive nutrition hair masks, there is no other brand that can compare with Kerastase!(in my experience)

Recently, I went to the hairdresser to get my highlights& lowlights done& like usual, I stocked up on some hair care products that I ran out of.
I needed a good shampoo, intensive nutrition conditioner& a good detangler (my hair gets tangled up sooo easily, by the end of the day it's scary...I usually say I have a nest in my hair LOL ughhh!)

This time, I purchased a shampoo from Kerastase Nutritive line:

Bain Satin Dosage Gluco- Active 2
Complete nutrition shampoo for dry,
sensitised hair.
This shampoo is actually very moisturizing too, I love the way it feels when I'm shampooing my hair with it.
It is highly concentrated so I'll use only a nut size of the product on my hand and lather it up with water.
This contains 250 ml (8.5 fl.oz.) of the product& it usually lasts me 2 months, sometimes even more (btw, I wash my hair cca 3 times a week, occasionally even more often than that!)

However, a good nutrition conditioner is A MUST for my hair!
This time, I went for the Kerastase Nutritive Thermo- reactive intensive nutrition conditioner:

Fondant Nutri- Thermique
For very dry and sensitised hair.
This product is relatively new on the italian market, however, this is not the first time I'm buying it.
I already had it a few months back& I loved it.
Sometimes, after using a drugstore conditioner, I still can't manage to detangle my hair& I feel like crying.
This product is extremely moisturizing& it gives my colour-treated hair much needed nutrition.
I never have ANY problems in detangling my hair after having used this conditioner :)
This is a rinse- out product.
The interesting part of this particular product (and all the products from the Nutri- Thermique line) is that with heat, this product reaches the maximum of its efficiency, it releases all the active ingredients that make your hair soft, shiny and healthy!
It contains 200 ml (6.8 fl.oz.) and this usually lasts me up to one month!

Another product that is my MUST-HAVE and always an essential part of my haircare routine is a good detangler!
I have tried many, but the best one is definitely this one from Revlon Professional line:

EQUAVE 2 phase
volumizing conditioner with
grape and green tea.
This product is sold in hairdressing salons exclusively, and it's sold as a leave-in volumizing conditioner.
However, this works miracles when talking about hair who "likes" to tangle, it's my best detangler!
It also contains UVA/B solar filters that act as a hair's active defense against oxidation, solar radiation and environmental pollution.
It softens, smoothes the hair fiber and makes hair easy to detangle.
Contains Keratin Proteins which give volume and strength to fine or weak type of hair.
Before applying it, you need to shake it well to mix the two phases.
It's supposed to be applied to shampooed and towel- dried hair.
This contains 200 ml of the product, and it usually lasts me, I should say, 6 months or so.

Yesterday, at the supermarket, while doing my weekly grocery shopping, I spotted this hair elastics and I immediately liked them:

by "Mitsie Nature",
made of the
Organic Cotton
I liked them because, as you can see from the pic, they don't have any metal parts.
This means they're safer for your hair, there is no risk of your hair getting stuck between the metal parts& get damaged that way.
These come in: all black, green& beige, or beige& brown (the ones that I've chosen for myself).
They are sold in a set of 8 elastics and the price is 2.50 € (per set, of course, not per elastic! lol)
I'm just loving these so much, I thought I should share my enthusiasm :)

So these are my new haircare goodies:

My high recommendation:
Revlon professional if your hair gets tangled a lot,
Kerastase products to keep your hair healthy, and,
these "Mitsie Nature" hair elastics, "cruelty free" for your hair!
I hope you found this review helpful!
Check out my review video on youtube here:

How do you take care of your hair?
Let me know more about it in the comments section!

Keep your hair shiny& healthy ;)

xoxo, Sonja

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