Monday 7 February 2011

REVIEW: Clinique Moisture Surge Line

A few months ago, I bought this travel size kit by Clinique, and I often do buy a travel size products that usually come in a kit, by Clinique. I think this is a great way to test out a product& kind of get introduced into a certain line of the product, without spending too much money for a full size confections, that you might end up not even liking, in case you've never tested them out before!

I have to say, so far the Moisture Surge line is my favourite line of Clinique products!
It just meets all my skin needs: It is hydrating, yet very light. It gives the perfect balance between the normal (sometimes even a bit dry, in the winter time) and very oily areas on my face.
 It provides a much needed hydration to the dry areas, without making the oily parts even more oily!
It's even a perfect make-up base!

Moisture Surge line by Clinique.
I bought it at my local Douglas store.
I paid less than 12.00 € (I believe it was around 10.00 €)
In the kit, you'll get:
Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser
Clinique moisture surge face spray thirsty skin relief
Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief gel- creme

  • Clinique rinse- off foaming cleanser (mousse hydro- demaquillante):
This product comes in a 30 ml confection inside of the travel kit.
So we're talking about a good amount of product that will last you even for a few months& you'll definitely be able to notice whether it's working well for your skin type or not.
I use this almost every evening, when I wash my face after taking off my make up.
It's a very gentle product but really effective in cleansing your face.
It always leaves my face feeling fresh& clean, it removes every single trace of make up.
A very good product, overall!

  • Clinique moisture surge face spray thirsty skin relief (spray visage desalterant peaux deshydratees)
My favourite product from this travel kit& moisture surge line!
This comes in a 30 ml bottle.
I use this product even when I have a full face of make up, during the day, whenever I feel the need.
I also love to use it at night, just after cleansing my face, I spritz the thirst relief all over my face& sometimes I won't even need to apply a moisturizer afterwards.
Leaves my skin feeling wonderful& hydrated!
This is a product that I will definitely buy in a full size.
Excellent product, I highly recommend it!

  • Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief (gel-creme desalterant intense peaux deshydratees)
This gel- cream comes in a 15 ml container, however it'll last you quite a bit as it's very moisturizing& you don't need to apply it too much.
It's a very light consistency, gel- cream, suitable even for oily skin.
We all know that all skin types need hydration and this is exactly what this cream does: It provides much needed hydration to our skin, without leaving it oily, greasy or clogging pores.
I can trust to use this cream even when I have problems with breakouts, this will just delicately hydrate my skin, without irritating the existing breakouts.
I use it both at night and in the morning, as I find it's an excellent make up base.
Thumbs up for this product, it definitely works well on my skin!

I also wanted to mention that my skin is oily/combination.
Sometimes I'll have breakouts& blemishes.
I did try other Clinique skin care lines, even specific for my skin type& fighting blemishes, but I found out that moisture surge line is what my skin likes the best!

I'm happy to be able to share this positive review with you :)

A very happy face with Clinique moisture surge line

Definitely, the products worth repurchasing!
Don't forget to watch my video/review, where I share with you, in details, my experience with Clinique moisture surge line:

Stay beautiful,

xoxo Sonja

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  1. Sonja, I will have to try that spray. I am loving Evian spray and MAC fix plus+ spray. I did try the Moisture surge gel cream, but it's been oh, 11 yrs. ago! I have not used the spray or cleansing foam. My friend enjoys the Moisture surge gel cream!xx


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