Monday 19 August 2013

First Impressions: Schwarzkopf Got 2 Be Beach Girl Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray

Hi guys!

I tried out the new Schwarzkopf product from their Got2Be line and I wanted to share here with you my first impressions about it! I'm talking about Schwarzkopf Got2Be Sea Salt Spray.

My hair is naturally quite frizzy and after washing it, I feel like I need to blow dry it and style it with a curling iron, or a hair straightener, (depending on the look I'm going for that day), in order to make myself look presentable!

I bought this spray by Schwarzkopf in Bipa drugstore in Croatia, mostly because I thought it would be of a great help when styling my hair in the hot summer days!
I wanted to achieve this "mermaid look", "beachy waves", without having to go through a trouble of curling my hair with a hot curling iron...

Schwarzkopf Got2Be Beach Girl mermaid look texturizing salt spray

This spray is the new product in the Got2Be line of hair styling products.
I was really eager to try it out!
Usually, to achieve this "beach girl" look, I use a hair styling mousse, that always gives me nice results, but it leaves my hair very crunchy and it's very hard to detangle it the next day, so now I wanted to try something different, that could possibly give me the same results, only without the unwanted "side effects"...

After having washed my hair, I sprayed this product on my towel dried hair (I detangled it first!) and started scrunching my hair with my fingers...

After that you can let it air dry, or you can use a blow drier to dry your hair quicker...

And this was the result:

First impressions:

- With a hair styling mousse, my curls were more defined.
- This spray didn't leave my hair cruchy or sticky, it actually left it feeling very clean & natural.
- It definitely boost up the volume of my hair.

The next day update:

- My hair was impossible to style the next day, I had to wash it again to be able to style it.
- It was very difficult to detangle my hair, even after applying a hair detangler.
- My hair felt a bit drier than usual.


This is a nice product for achieving a quick, summer hairstyle without going through a lot of trouble of using heat styling tools in the hot summer days.
I'll use it occasionally, when I'm in the rush and I don't have time to properly style my hair after washing it, so I need a quick fix. But I know I'll have to wash my hair all over again the next day and put on an extra moisture, a deep conditioning treatment, or such.
I'm sure this product will last me a long time, so I don't have any plans of repurchasing it in the near future.

You can watch my detailed video review, first impressions & the next day update, here:

I hope this review was helpful! If you have any other questions about this product, or requests for my future reviews, leave me your comments!

Kiss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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