Wednesday 21 August 2013

Styling a Summer Dress by Smash: Evening Out Look!

Hi guys!

I'm honoured to work with Smash and I'm very excited to be able to present you their newest trends & styles!
My goal is to inspire you & to bring Smash's philosophy closer to you!

Smash is present in 68 countries with over 4,500 international points of sale and 10 franchises in different countries.

Today I'm presenting you a floral dress by Smash, mod. FUGLOY, now on sale for only 22.48€ (the full price of the dress is 44.95€).

In my previous post I showed you how I styled this dress for daytime, I wore it at the beach.
Now, I'm going to show you how I styled it for the evening out :)

As I've mentioned before, I love this dress, because it's very versatile!
When you're on your summer vacations, this type of garment is just what you need, because you don't want to overpack your suitcase and you want a clothing item that you can easily style for different occasions!

To dress up an outfit for an evening out, high heels and a small, chic clutch, are a must!
I got my silver clutch from Benetton, a couple of years ago, and my sandals are from Stradivarius (current SS 2013. season).

Don't forget to check out my styling video, here:

I added a chic, girly jacket (by H&M), to complete this "evening out" look!


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I'm ready for an evening out! :)

I hope you liked these stylings! Subscribe to my youtube channel/ blog, for more fashion tips & new trends from Smash!

Sending love & positive energy your way! :)

xoxo, S.

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  1. Kate Moss, Emma Watson or any other celebrity are always stunning in their Red carpet dresses. Why can't any woman look just as pretty ? Of course she can !


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