Thursday 29 August 2013

S.O.S Keep the Beaches Clean!

Hi guys!

Today, on my blog, I'd like to touch a subject that I feel close to my heart...

My blog is all about beauty & lifestyle, and I don't mean only the superficial beauty achieved by make up, but also about the beauty that surrounds us and the beauty that comes within us...

While on my vacations, sadly I noticed that a lot of tourist lack some basic education and common sense... :(

My hubby and I were arriving at the beaches of Rab in the afternoon hours, and the state those beaches were in, was just horrible!
It was disgusting to put your beach towel in the middle of all that dirt and it was impossible to lay there and relax!

This is what I'm talking about... :(

disgusting paper tissues, cigarettes, food remains...YUCK!
Is this YOUR crap you left at the beach???

How can anyone in his/her right mind leave all this crap at the beach?
Aren't they aware of the DUSTBIN concept and its purpose???
In the spur of the moment, I decided to film a short video clip, from this location, to try and raise the awareness among tourists, and help them realize that it only takes one simple step: TAKE YOUR RUBBISH AFTER YOURSELF, so we can all enjoy the nature's beauty for the years to come!

I'm sure nobody likes to spend their vacations in a huge dustbin, surrounded with crap of all kind! 

So please have some respect for the nature, for the people who are going to want to enjoy this nature after you, and for the people who worked hard to clean up everything, so YOU can enjoy this same nature!

In fact, every morning, there are people of Rab who work on cleaning the beaches, and then, after just half a day, the beaches are again covered in rubbish!

What I ask of you is to please join me in this campaign of raising awareness "SOS for the Clean Beaches!".
Support it by liking and sharing this video / blog post, with your friends & family! These images have to be seen, so people who are responsable for this can stop for a second and rethink their acts!

Thanks for reading this blog post!

Have a beautiful day :)

xoox, S.


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