Wednesday 21 August 2013

Summer Fashion Rack Tour!

Hi guys!

Today I'm taking you on a little tour :) ... I'm going to show you the clothes that I keep on my clothing/fashion rack!

I usually switch up the clothes I keep on my fashion rack, depending on the season changes and my new purchases!

On my fashion rack, I keep the clothes that inspire me the most in the current season, and all the clothes that I really want to wear, style for my blog, or feature in a fashion video.

In my "Summer Fashion Rack Tour" I'm showing you the clothes (trends & styles) that I like the best for the current summer season! All these pieces make me happy, just by looking at them!

You can chek out my "Summer Fashion Rack Tour" video, where I go more in debth about all the pieces that I currently have on a display!

This season I'm loving:


this summer, I'm loving my bright coloured jackets!
 A lot of you asked me where did I get my clothing rack...I got it in Italy, in a store called OBI.
I can't remember the exact price of it now, as I got it almost one year ago, but I know it wasn't expensive (probably somewhere between 15-25€). The rack came together with 6 blue plastic hangers, which also came in handy ;)

In my experience, these clothing racks are easy to find, I often see them in my local supermarkets, or other home-decor-supplies stores, such as Leroy Merlin...

these are all the pieces that I wear the most this summer!

What's on your fashion rack this summer?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Love from Italy,

xoxo, S

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