Thursday 29 August 2013

Summer Sales 2013. Fashion Haul THE BEST DEALS!!

Hi lovelies!

Today I have one exciting fashion haul to share with you, here on my blog! When I say "exciting", I really mean it! I was shopping at summer sales, and I found some really good bargains, things that I'll be able to wear even for a bit chillier (transitional) weather, and also, a ton of fun accessories!!!

You can check out my fashion haul video here:

And here is my fashion haul in pictures:


this golden clutch and white mini shoulder bag are both from H&M

Statement necklaces from H&M

other fun jewellery from H&M

Watches are by a brand Too Special (@ DEN stores, in Italy), perfume is Yves Rocher "Monoi, eau des Vahines"

Silver ring from Accessorize

I really love this dainty, silver ring!
These days, I never take it off!

New clothes in my wardrobe:

Denim jacket by Zara, with interesting details.

little mirrored decorations, so cuuute! :)
I ♥ this jacket, I wear it all the time!

H&M lace top (L.O.G.G.)

H&M white knitted sweater

shoulder details: beaded decorations on the sweater

Very chic snakeskin print blouse from H&M

Pants from H&M
♥ the print
♥ the fit!

Very summery, skinny fit jeans from H&M

That's all lovelies! This was my summer sales haul! 
I hope you like it, maybe you can still get some of the pieces that I showed you here!

More fashion hauls coming up soon :)

Have a nice day, kiss from Italy!

xoxo, S.

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