Tuesday 20 August 2013

My Summer Diet | Sonia VerardoStyle

Hi guys!

A lot of you asked me to share with you my summer diet and some tips on how I stay in shape...

1.) I try to maintain my daily workout routine, which is actually quite simple and nothing special to brag about: I excercise cca 30 min. 3-4 times a week, on my home stepper.

2.) Regarding my diet, I don't stick to any particular diet, but I try to stay away from greasy, fried and unhealthy food.
I eat whatever I like (and luckily I don't ever crave fast food!), but I never overeat! 
When I eat my main meal, I always leave room for a dessert, and after that dessert, I still never feel so full that I can't move or breathe. I guess that's my secret: Be moderate!

In my "Summer Diet" video, I'm sharing with you my grocery haul, so you guys can take a look at what my summer diet pretty much consists of!

& here are some pics of the yummy meals I prepared over the past couple of months...

Baked veggies

Fresh salads

Tortellini with veggies & cheese

The finest italian pizza ♥

Dessert: Yummy fruit salads!

Dessert for special occasions: Ice- cream fruit cake

this was my B-day cake, a present from my hubby ♥

Now, tell me the truth! Did all this food talk make you hungry? ;)
After seeing all these pics of super delicious food, I certainly crave for something yummy now...

I hope this inspired you to be more creative in your kitchen and to concentrate on healthy food, made with fresh ingredients! :)

If you'd like to share with me a recipe of your favourite summer dish, leave it on my facebook page!

Kiss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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