Thursday 12 September 2013

Color Burst OOTD: Busy Summer in a Town (powered by Smash!)

Hello lovelies!

Most of you already know, I'm one of the Smash's ambassadress for their spring/summer 2013. collection, and I'm representing their "Tropical Addiction" line!

This is actually my last post as their ambassadress, as the summer is coming to an end... :( it breaks my heart to say so, because I ♥ summer, and I also ♥ Smash!
I was so honoured to represent their fashion line as their ambassadress, it was an amazing experience!

Smash taught me to have more fun with clothes, to enjoy wearing bright colours and to experiment with different styles.

I honestly feel that my style has grown and developed, thanks to this exciting collaboration with Smash!

It was nothing but the best experience, and I can really, honestly, with all my heart, recommend you this brand, because of the quality, the uniqueness and great customer service!

On the Smash's website, you can already find their new AW 13-14 collection, called "Queendom", so definitely check it out!!!

Click HERE to see AW 13-14 fashion collection by Smash!

I really love it, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be purchasing something from their new collection myself!

But, back to the "Tropical Addiction" line, which is the line I'm representing...
The good news is that you can now find lots of items from this line on sale, in their OUTLET section!
If you really liked something from their Spring/Summer line, now is the best time to purchase it, as you'll save up some money on sales, and you'll be able to wear these items next year!

When I was ordering from Smash's website this spring, I fell in love with this floral print mini skirt that I'm going to present you today...

My OOTD video powered by Smash features me getting ready for a busy summer in a town...

I wanted this video to tell a little story, and to be a bit different from the usual OOTD videos...
I hope you're going to like it! Make sure to leave me your comments, I always love to hear your feedback on my work :)

(click on the thumbnail above to play my video!)


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This is how I styled this floral print mini skirt by Smash (mod. Manggur,I'm wearing it in a size S.)...

Green jacket: Promod
White top: H&M
Floral skirt: Smash!
Bag: H&M
Ballet flats: Camaieu
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Necklace: Avon

You can also find this look styled by me, and other cool looks styled by other Smash's ambassadress, on Smash's blog!

Even though this is my last "official" post as a Smash's ambassadress, this doesn't mean I won't keep posting other looks that I've created with their clothes! I have in preparation a couple of other stylings that I've created with Smash's fashionable pieces, so be on a lookout for those posts/ videos! (Coming up soon!)

For your daily beauty & fashion fix, add me on facebook!

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo, S.

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