Wednesday 18 September 2013


Hi beauties!

Summer is coming to an end (sigh!), but I still have a couple of summer beauty products/ essentials, to share with you!
I haven't had a chance to write about them sooner (my apologies!), but, let's not forget that there are parts of this world where the summer is only just beginning (lucky you!)...also, these recommendations might come in handy the next year, when you're going to look for that perfect product to include in your summer beauty routine! :)

I couldn't imagine my summer haircare routine without Kerastase Soleil Micro- Voile spray! It's the best spf for your hair! And, yes, your hair needs spf as well!

I've repurchased this product several times already, because, when the summer time approaches, this is the product I need to have in my beauty bag!
You can use it all year round, if you often swim in a swimming pools, because it'll also protect your hair from the chlorine!
You know how blonde hair can turn green after a nice, long day at the pool? Well, with this product in your hair this disaster won't happen!

I really like all the products from Kerastase soleil line, but this one is definitely my favourite!

The sun and the sea can really damage your hair, especially if it's colour can become very dry and brittle.
That's why you need a product that will protect your hair from the external agents and that will care for it by moisturizing it.

I love this product because it's actually a very fine, light, almost dry mist (definitely non-oily), that quickly absorbs into your hair and it won't weigh it down, or leave it feeling greasy, as some suncare products tend to do.
A little bit of the product goes a long way, even if your hair is long as mine, so this product will last you a whole summer long, maybe even two! :)

You can watch my video review (filmed at the beach of Rab, Croatia), here:

Have you ever tried out anything from Kerastase soleil line?
Do you have any favourites that you'd like to recommend? Leave me your comments!

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Kiss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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