Wednesday 11 September 2013

Empties # 9: Products I've Used Up & Mini Reviews!

Hello beauties!

In this blog post I'm going to share with you beauty products that I've used up over the past couple of months, and let you know my opinions on them...if they're worth repurchasing, or not!

Hopefully you'll find this post interesting, as I have 15 "empties" to share with you today!

Here we go...

- Thermal waters are my must-have in my daily beauty routine!
I loved the grape water from Caudalie and thermal water from Uriage. Vichy was also nice, but when I was spraying it on my face, the mist wasn't coming out so fine as when I was using Caudalie, or Uriage. With Vichy, I could have actually felt the little drops of water on my face...which I didn't like.
Top place goes to Caudalie (awesome grape water!), I'll say "yes" to Uriage too, but I'll skip Vichy for now.

- Aussie haircare products are probably the best drugstore hair care products on the market! I simply love them! I've used up 2 Miracle Moist conditioners, and 3 Minute Miracle Deep conditioning Treatment.

I will be repurchasing all of these products! 
Thumbs up for Aussie :)

- Liabel hair mask costs only 1€ and I got it at my local supermarket. This one was enriched with line seed oil and keratin, and it was actually a very nice product :)

Super inexpensive, it'll really "save your hair's life" on the days when your budget for beauty products is running low!

- Professional Hair Care Keratin Complex hair mask was very hydrating and it was doing great job at detangling my long hair!
I also loved the scent!

Pretty good product, it's possible that I'm going to repurchase it in the future, it's just not on my priority list right now!

- Keune Protein Spray is the product I was very curious to try out!After a couple of months of using it, I didn't see any major positive effects in my hair, but it was working well as a leave- in conditioner/ detangler.

I was still happy with it while I was using it, but it just didn't give me enough reasons to repurchase it...

- Schwarzkopf Gliss hair conditioner is the product I've repurchased many times already. Before I tried out Aussie products, Schwarzkopf was my best drugstore brand for hair care.
Nice price, effective...when I was low on beauty budget, these reasons were good enough for me to keep repurchasing it!

Now that I've tried Aussie, this has changed, so I doubt I'll be repurchasing Schwarzkopf any time soon (only if I can't get Aussie products!)

- Afrodita foot bath, let me just say a big "YES" to this product!I love all Afrodita products and was never disappointed with any of the products this brand has to offer!
I was using this relaxing, soothing foot bath for my "at home pedicure weekly routine", and was extremely pleased with the results!
You can check out my pedicure routine HERE!

My verdict: This product is definitely on the top of my shopping list! :) Will be repurchasing it very soon!
The downside of it is that being a slovenian product, I can't get it in Italy, but I have to wait to go to Croatia, to be able to get it...

- Shower gels: Bourjois Wake Me!, Vidal argan oil, Le Petit Marseillais Sweet Almond Milk...
All three were nice shower gels, good priced drugstore brands.

Out of these three, the Bourjois one is a little bit more expensive , but was also my favourite, and is the first one that I would repurchase.
Le Petit Marseillais won me over with its scent of sweet almond milk, taking a shower with this product was a real pleasure!
Vidal with argan oil was my least favourite, but still ok, there is no reason for me not to repurchase it some time in the future.
It just wasn't anything spectacular, but it was also the most convenient one (less than 1€ at my local supermarket).

- Gardin apicoltura shampoo surprised me with its quality!
I paid less than 1€ for it at my local supermarket, but it was worth more :) It was very mild, gentle shampoo, suitable even for daily usage. It contained natural extracts of royal gelly, an ingredient very appealing to me :)

This was a nice shampoo and I was surprised with its low price.
Because it's so gentle, it's a shampoo that I'd use in summertime, for frequent usage, when I'm going to the beach, and when I need to wash my hair every day.
The downside of it is that this brand is probably harder to get, as it's a local production and maybe targeted towards just a selected supermarkets of my area.

Those were all the empties I had prepared for you this time! I really hope this was helpful & interesting to you :)

You can also watch my "Empties" video, to hear more about these products:

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Have a beautiful day,

xoxo, S.

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