Thursday 19 September 2013

Lancaster Tan Deepener DUPE! Kiko Tan Intensifier Review

Hi beauties!

This is going to be another post where I review my summer favourites! Among all the products I loved, this summer, I had one big beauty product discovery, that I'd like to share with you! :)

I was on a lookout for something that will help me out in getting a nice tan (my skin is very pale and it doesn't tan quickly!).
I knew I was going to spend only 10 days at the beach, so I wanted a product that could speed up my tanning process, whilst keeping my skin protected against the harmful UV rays!
I've heard great things about Lancaster Tan Deepener, but when I went to my local beauty store to check it out, I was totally put off by its price! It retailed at more than 30€, a price that I wasn't willing to pay for a product that doesn't even offer a high spf (spf 6 only!).

That's why I was very pleased to discover that this summer, Kiko Make Up Milano, has come up with a product that is very similar to Lancaster Tan Deepener!

In August, when I was shopping for beauty products for my summer vacations, I went to Kiko store, and they were having 50% OFF their summer collection, and so were discounted all the products from their sun care line! 
I ended up paying less than 10€ for this product and I was very happy :)

It turned out to be VERY similar to Lancaster Tan Deepener, even the spf (6) is the same in both products!
Because it had such a low spf, I only started using it half way through my summer vacations (I wasn't going to risk using it the very first days, when I was still super pale!). Even then, I was applying it only in the late afternoon hours, and for earlier hours I had a higher spf on my body.

Lancaster Tan Deepener DUPE!
Kiko Make Up Milano Tan Intensifier

This product has got a very thick, gel-like texture, and it's actually very sticky!
You can use it on the beaches that are like on the above pic, but for a sandy beaches, this is a big NO-NO (unless you want to be completely covered in sand that will stick all over your body! ughhh!)
After my summer vacations, I actually left this product at my home in Croatia, because here in Italy where I live, we only have sandy beaches, so I knew I wasn't going to be able to use this product here!
In Croatia, in my area, we have pebbly beaches and rocky shore, so using this product won't be such a problem!

About its tanning power:

If you can pass the fact that this product is so sticky, then you'll love the results it'll give you!
It'll really give you a deeper tan, faster.
Another positive thing is that you won't burn, even though the spf is so low (however, this doesn't apply if you're sunbathing in the midday sun- in this case, I recommend you the shadow, and very high spf!)
In a few words, yes, it does what it says, it will intensify your tan, but this can't be the only spf product you're going to bring with you on your summer vacations!

It has got a very pleasant scent.

One more thing:
This product isn't a self tanner, but it can stain your clothes! So make sure to put all your light coloured clothes far away from it!

screenshot of my video: me reviewing Kiko Tan Intensifier from the beach of RAB in Croatia!

If you'd like to check out my video, where I reviewed this product directly from the beach, click on the play button bellow:

I hope you liked this review!
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This summer, have you tried out any of the products from KIKO sun care line?

More reviews coming up soon!

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo, S.

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