Tuesday 10 September 2013

Talking Fall Trends!... on my way to the island of Krk, Baska beach, Croatia (VLOG)

Hello lovelies!

I have a fun vlog to share with you today!
In this one, I'm taking you with me to the island of Krk!
We're going to the location of Baska beach, which is a beautiful, long, sandy beach with crystal clear sea.
I love it there, but in summertime it's always crowded and full of tourists...It's about 2 hours drive from my hometown in Croatia, and every summer, we try to go to Baska at least once, on a day trip!

I really wanted to share with you the beauty of Baska beach, so I had to vlog!!! :)

You can check out how my fun day trip to Baska went, here:

Some pics from my day trip to Baska...

For the day trip at the beach, I wore:
HAT: Ina Market, Italy
EARRINGS: Illegale (Croatian brand of accessories)
FLIP FLOPS: Havaianas
BRACELET: Souvenier from the island of Krk 

My hubby & I ♥

On the day of our trip, the wind Bura was blowing pretty strong, so the sea wasn't nice & calm, it was quite wavy and chilly! Sometimes, when Bura blows, they have to close down the bridge of Krk, because crossing it, becomes too dangerous!
Once, when I was working as a tourist guide, it happened to me that I was stuck at the island, on a bus, waiting for the Bura to calm down so they can re-open the bridge for traffic! 

This time we had better luck, Bura wasn't so strong, so we were able to go to the island and, in the evening, return to the mainland :)

I hope you enjoyed this vlog & the pics of the beautiful Baska beach!
Have you ever been to the island of Krk?
If so, which places have you visited on the island?

Thanks for reading my blog,

Have a beautiful day :)

xoxo, S.

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