Monday 23 September 2013

Summer Vacation Vlogs from Croatia!

Hi lovelies!

Just a quick post, for all the lovers of my vlogs!...I have vlogged quite a bit during my summer vacations in Croatia, and now that all the vlogs are up on my youtube channel, I'd like to share them with you here on my blog too! :)

This year, I was pretty adventurous, I didn't just lay on the beach all day long (actually, I never do that!), but I was way more active, and went exploring the island where I vacationed (the island of Rab).

Tons of things happened in my vlogs, I tried to make them as interesting as possible for you guys! :)

I really hope you'll enjoy watching!

Vacation Vlog Day 1: Wild Waves & Stormy Weather at the Island!

Vacation Vlog Day 2: Exploring the Island!

Vacation Vlog Day 3: Rab is the peace of our senses!

Vacation Vlog Day 4: Does Being Adventurous Pay Off?

Vacation Vlog Day 5: Arachnophobia on my way to a hidden shore!

Vacation Vlog, Days 6 & 7: Octopus, Sea Urchins, Under Water Life!

And here are a whole bunch of random pics from my summer vacations in Croatia! Enjoy :)

Summer nights out in my favourite top
AC/DC girl fan :)

huge Agave cactus flower!

under water life!

showing off! lol ;)

I love this pic!

Rapska torta (traditional pastry from the island of Rab), made with almonds!
So yummy OMG!!!

Speding my days at the beach...

no make up needed! :)

summer nights, magical atmosphere

Sunset at the beach ♥

excercising? dancing? trying to fly?  I don't know...

My Rab ♥

paparazzi pic! ;)

I ♥ summer!
I hope you enjoyed this collection of pics from my summer vacations, as well as my vacation vlogs!

I certainly enjoyed filming them and I hope I managed to transfer at least a little bit of Rab's magical atmosphere to you guys!

If you ever decide to visit the island, I recommend staying here!

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo, S.

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