Sunday 31 July 2011

Summer Haircare: Kérastase Soleil & Kemon Kroma- Light

Hello you guys!

Today I'd like to blog about my favourite summer haircare products!
I've mentioned the Kérastase line as my favourite haircare line many times... 
For summer hair care I  turn to them, always! ;)
Here are my favourites I always recommend to mantain your hair healthy & long even after your summer vacations:

Bain Après- Soleil
Nourishing & caring for your hair.
Use it after a day at the beach or swimming in the sea, to
restore your hair with moisture & shine!

Masque UV Défense Active
Filtre Photo- Defense
Care Index 3
 When UV rays come into contact with the oxygen in the air, free radicals may be formed. These cause the lipids and keratin found in the hair fibre to deteriorate, leaving it dry, dull and prone to colour- fading. The deterioration of the hair fibre is exacerbated by water and humidity.
The more fragile the hair, the greater the damage caused by harmful UV rays. This is the case with colour- treated hair: over time, as it is exposed to the sun, the hair fibre not only becomes dry, dull and prone to colour- fading, but also damaged.
The Recherche Avancée L'Oréal has created a UV filter that has a particular affinity for the hair fibre to help protect colour- treated hair against the drying of its structure by the sun's UV rays.


A technological breakthrough, the Photo- defense filter fixes itself to the hair through electrostatic force. Charged with positive ions, it attaches itself to the hair, particularly to damaged areas of the hair which are highly charged with negative ions. Hair is protected against attacks by harmful UV rays, which cause the hair fibre to deteriorate.

Provides hydrophobic properties, repelling water and humidity.

Help restore the hair and provide softness. Thanks to the intensifying action of the product, the hair fiber is gradually strengthened with each application.

- Hair feels replenished
- Helps boost colour's radiance and shine
- Softness
- Helps protect hair against external aggressors (UV rays, chlorinated or salt water).

Micro- Voile Protecteur
A fine, light & dry mist suitable for
all hair types, especially developed for  a colour treated hair
exposed to the sun.
This product is like a SPF, but for your hair!
COMPLETE SOLEIL PROGRAMME (How to use this line for the best results):

Before and during exposure to the sun, help protect your hair by using Défense Ultime care index 3.

After exposure to the sun, cleanse hair with Bain Après- Soleil for colour- treated hair care index 1,2,3.
Massage through from roots to ends using circular movements. Rinse and towel dry.

Apply 1 to 2 walnut- sized amounts of Masque UV Défense Active concentrate. Gently massage the lengths and ends. Focus on sensitised areas. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

While I was in Croatia, I also paid a visit to my hairdresser :)
There is where I bought this colour- enhancing conditioner by Kemon.
My hairdresser works exclusively with Kemon brand, so I wanted to try out this conditioner to see for myself if it's worth all the hype!
It is a good product and it does miracles in detangling your hair!
You only need to apply a small amount of the product, even if you have a very long hair, like I do!
This product is going to last me cca one month and a half, which is pretty good, given the fact that I'm using it twice a week, if not even more often than that!
However, I was expecting this to (words of my hairdresser) "delicately colour my hair/enhance my hair colour" which this product has failed to do.
So I won't be repurchasing it, also because I think it's overpriced for the results it gives.
This product costs somewhere between 20- 30 € (I lost the receipt), and I think that's just too much!

Kemon Kroma- light
Colour enhancing conditioner

I hope you find my review helpful and if you're in a search for a perfect sun haircare line, definitely do try out the Kerastase Soleil :)
You won't be disappointed!

You can also check out my review video CLICK HERE TO WATCH! :)

My hair thanx to Kerastase :)

A LITTLE CHIT- CHAT: How are you spending this lovely Sunday?
I was working yesterday until late & today I have to start getting ready for my trip to Croatia as I'm officially on my vacations again! Yeay!!
I'll be off for two weeks, almost 3! Soo excited!
If I manage, I'll squeeze in a few blog posts today that I really wanted to do before my trip!
I won't be uploading new videos during my vacations, but I will film and I'll take my laptop with me so I'll stay connected :)
Maybe I'll throw in some short blog posts, to keep you guys updated!
Remember, my GIVEAWAY is still open, and it probably will be until I return from my vacations (so you have 3 more weeks to enter!!!)
You can enter my giveaway HERE and HERE!

Kissss xx

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