Monday 25 July 2011

Review/Haul: Catrice Make Up

Hello girls!

Have you ever tried Catrice make up?
If so, do you like this brand? Which one is your favourite product from Catrice?
I usually buy this brand in Croatia, at my local drugstore (for my croatian readers: I can't seem to find it at DM drugstores, so I buy it at Kozmo.)
A few weeks ago, I was here in Italy in Coin department store, and I discovered they had just recently introduced Catrice make up corner to their selection of make up & beauty brands!
I'm really pleased with that news, as I do like Catrice, they're good quality, drugstore price-range, but definitely following the latest trends in the world of make up & beauty!

I was fortunate to receive a gift from NESESER.HR, a croatian make up & beauty dedicated website, that I write my croatian blog for!
They've sent me a few of Catrice make up items and all the colours are so pretty & so wereable for this lovely, warm summer season!
(Well, almost all...I'll show you a colour of one lipstick that I'll definitely have to mix with other lipstick/glosses colour, in order to make it work on me!
Any suggestion on how to wear it will be very welcomed!)

So, here are the goodies sent me:

I really, really love the colour of this lip gloss!

"The bronzed" eye liner has become my signature look
for summer 2011.!

I'm loving the bold colour lipstick trend!
In summer, I opt for less eye make up,
and give more attention to my lips with bright, bold

Ooops! this colour is not very flattering on my pale skin tone!
Any suggestions on how to make this colour more wereable?

The perfect every day, "go-to" blush!
A must-have in any girl's collection!

This champagne colour is the perfect
highlighter, but you can also wear it
as all-over lid colour, or a base!

Beautiful metallic green! Great for subtle, not too heavy, smoky eye!

Check out my croatian blog on HERE!

My previous blog post on Catrice make up that I use on a daily basis to create a nice, every-day look & & check out the make up tutorial HERE!

My new review/haul video:

xoxo Sonja


  1. I loved the Liquid Liner!
    Perfect color!

  2. i meni je zanimljivca cinjenica da DM ne drzi Catrice a drze Essence. ovaj neobicni ruz probaj koristiti kao masnu sjenu


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