Tuesday 12 July 2011

The Prettiest Summer Sandals!

Hello lovelies!

I seem to have a problem this season...I can't stop buying summer sandals!!!
This year in particular, I find them so cute, just irresistible!

So here are my faves that I'm wearing the most in these hot summer days:

A pair of nude/tan wedges from H&M

Price: 34.95€
Currently still in stores!

Price: 9.95€
Currently on sale for 5€!

Linda shoes
5 € on sale!

H&M (divided)
12.95 €

Brand: Licean
Sorry darlings, can't remember the price of these ones, but it
was certainly less than 20€ !

Brand: Sennika
bought at Imaty's Fashion factory

Brand: Rutina

Brand: Farasion

Brand: Amidly
I can't remember the exact prices of other sandals, but they were between 15 - 20 €, not more expensive than that.
I got them all here in Italy, in lots of different shops!
The ones with feathers have really caught my attention and I just had to have them!
Aren't they just fantastic?
They can dress up your simple outfit & you don't even need to worry about other accessories!

You can check out the video where I present all these lovelies to you:

Thanx for watching & stopping by my blog!

Have a wonderful day :)

xoxo, Sonja

1 comment:

  1. oh, i saw this on youtube! such cute sandals! :DD



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