Tuesday 5 July 2011


 Hellooo lovely ladies!

I hope you all had a great start to this week!
I had a good long sleep and then felt motivated to do my morning (ahem..almost midday) workout, and afterwards I felt great!
I did some housework & filmed a London Beauty & Fashion Haul video (the blog post with pics is coming up next...) & then my hubby & I went to an appointment that we had with another estate agency...
We're on a house hunt!
We're hoping to find our future home, sweet home in a next couple of months or a year :)
So this is what I'm doing almost twice a week- house hunting!
So far it's fun!
I pray we find our future sweet home that is going to be perfect for us in every way!

Here are some random pics of the properties we visited past week (as you're going to see, these are all houses that need to be rebuilt, reconstructed, as they're very old...but the properties are amazing in my opinion and full of potential...)

House # 1

the upstairs of the house is really spacious, with
3 big rooms...and an extra storage space (that could be a second
bathroom, or a walk in closet?) ;)

I fell in love with the garden!

I can immagine having lots of pets here! :)

House # 2

Yes, it's me on the pics :) These old properties would be a great setting for
my OOTD pics..lol..but I couldn't! lol, not in front of the estate agent!
It would be totally weird and awkward, wouldn't it? hihi ;D

So these are the houses we saw past week, tomorrow we have an appointment to see another one, but this one is new & furnished, ready to live in...
We're only just starting our search so we're keeping all options open!

How is your dream house supposed to be?

Thanx for reading girls & I'll talk to you soon :)

xoxo Sonja

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  1. That is so exciting to be house hunting!!! Congratulations!!!
    It looks like you are looking for places out in a countryside area... those are always my favorite, with all of the scenery and green surroundings. Enjoyed seeing the pics, thanks for sharing! Good luck with your searches =)


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