Friday 22 July 2011

Affordable Styles from & GIVEAWAY!

Hello girls!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company
They approached me saying how they like my fashion videos & my blog and asked me if I was willing to do sort of a collaboration with them.
I got to choose the items from their website, to later on present them to you in my reviews.
I was happy to say yes to this collaboration, because when I saw their website & their offer, I immediately knew this is something I'm going to like! :)
They sell everything from shoes, bags, accessories, women, men and kids fashion!
They're often updated with new arrivals & latest trends and...most exciting of all, the prices are VERY affordable, plus, there are no minimum orders, so you can spend as little, or as much as you want!
They ship worldwide, for the shipping cost to your destination, check out their website.

I spent hours browsing through their website, trying to pick out my personal favourites!
It wasn't an easy thing to do! :)

At last, this is what I've chosen:

1.)Leopard Dropped Short Sleeve Chiffon Blouse 5.41 $

2.) French Style Lace Long Blouse White 7.03$

3.) Beauty Flower- Shaped Retro Ring 2.22 $

To see how I styled these items, check out my VIDEO!

Leopard dropped short sleeve chiffon blouse

French style lace long blouse


& Now, the exciting part!!!

I've decided to host a little giveaway for you guys, as a sign of my love & appreciation of the amazing support you guys have been giving me!
It's one thing to talk about how great a company is, and another thing is to actually give to a couple of you, the possibility to actually see that for yourself!
I feel so lucky that companies are contacting me, asking me for a collaboration and I'm aware this wouldn't be possible without your support!
That's why I've decided to give something back, to you, my lovely audience :)
I want to make clear that I hadn't discussed this giveaway with the company, these items were meant for me to keep.
But, in the spur of the moment, while I was filming a video, it kind of came naturally to me, to organize this giveaway and hopefully, to make two of you smile :)

So, yes, there are going to be TWO winners!
I'm giving away two blouses, the leopard print one, and the white/lace one.

The Rules:
(Let's keep things simple!)
- Write me a comment saying which one of these blouses would you like to win and how would you style it!
- You can enter as many times as you want (the more times you enter, the better are the chances you'll win)
- Open internationally, for all my subscribers
- If you're underage, please ask your parents permission to enter my giveaway!
- You can enter with comments on my Youtube channel, under my video, or here, in the comments section under this post (or both!)
- I will choose a random winner(s) and notify you personally!

Have I left anything out?
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me :)

Have a lovely day & enter in many!
Good luck to you all!



  1. I would like the white blouse and if I won it, I would pair it with a bandeau during the summer and probably a tank top during the fall and spring.

    And if we want to enter multiple times, do we just keep posting this again and again? :P

  2. @Kaly If you have any other styling idea, feel free to write it in the next comment, if not, than you can just write something like:
    "I'd like to win the white blouse, this is my second/third/fourth etc. entry"
    & I'll know that you've already written me how would you like to style this blouse!
    Thanx for entering :)

  3. Hi,I'm from Brazil,and I loved your blog..I'm following u.
    Visit ny page:

    I'm waiting 4 u!


  4. @Patty Thank you darling! I saw your blog, I love it! I'm following you now :)
    Kiss from Italy xx

  5. I do have one more styling idea. I could pair the white blouse with a romper or a jumpsuit and leave it open, almost as a stand-in for a cardigan. :)

    This is also my second entry. :)

  6. Ciao Bella,
    Wow.. you put the outfits together beautifully. I really like the white blouse on you, but then again, I am an animal at heart, ha ha ha, and I LOVE the animal print one as well. Good choices you made!!
    Good luck with your giveaways.
    Have a really beautiful weekend Bella!!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  7. I absolutely love the leopard blouse! I think it looks perfect for summer with a whit top underneath :D

    I followed!(:

  8. Lovely giveaway! Ive ordered in and im waiting to receive my order! I would definitly get the cheeta print blouse i would go for a sexier look with black skinny jeans and black riding boots. Lovely blog btw!

  9. Hello again, I'd like to win the white blouse and this is my third entry! <3

  10. Hey, I'd like to win the white blouse and this is my fourth entry!

  11. Hello again. I would like to win the white blouse and this is my fifth entry. :)

  12. moze na hrvatskom? voljela bih dobiti ovu bijelu tuniku/kosulju i nosila bih ju uz tekses suknju bijele sandale s punom petom i koznu torbu boje karamele :)

  13. moram jos malo iskusat srecu pa evo i moje druge prijave :)
    mislim da bi fino izgledala i preko kupaceg, onako za prebacit dok prosetas da ipak malo stiti od sunca ali ne pretjerano

  14. i moja treca prijava bez ideje ovaj put :)
    pozz iz Mostara

  15. i would like to win the white blouse and this is my 6th entry. :)

  16. i would like to win the white blouse and this is my 6th entry. :)

  17. I would like to win the leopard blouse and I would pair it with a black tank top, shorts, and black sandals

  18. I would like to win the leopard blouse and this is my 2nd entry

  19. I would like to win the white blouse and this is my 7th entry. :)

  20. I would like to win the white blouse and this is my 8th entry. :D


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