Monday 10 October 2011

♥ Fall (September) Fashion Haul ♥

Hello girls!

This blog post is going to be just a quick update, letting you all know that I have a new video up on my eipysgudps Youtube channel!
 I've also revamped my channel a bit...put a new background & a new banners!
I'm really happy with this new style, except for the little side banner (representing my blog)...I believe it's too colorful & "all over the place" and it crushes with my new background.
So I'll have to look into that, but other than that I'm actually very pleased with how everything turned out :)
♫ ♫ ♫
Take a look & let me know how do you like it & if you have got any suggestions on what could I improve or change, feel free to let me know in the comment's section!
I'm always happy to hear your feedback!
Also, I was thinking, would you like me to create a playlists for all my videos?
Would that make it easier to you, browsing through my channel & finding the video you're looking for? 
My channel now counts more than 200 videos, so it might be a good idea creating a playlist and categorizing them (eg. make up tutorials, fashion hauls, hair tutorials, ootd...etc.)

Anyway, back to my Fall fashion haul...

I got a bit of everything in the past month...accessories, clothes, footwear, so I'm sharing it with you in my video.
You can click on the play button to watch the video:

I'll talk to you soon!
♥ Sonja
Ciao, ciao!

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