Monday 10 October 2011

New Fashion Videos on My MissFashionKitty channel!

Hello my beauties :)

Here is another quick, quick, quick update on what's new on my youtube channels!
My MissFashionKitty channel is growing, I have just reached a bit more than 800 subbies and I feel blessed to have your love & support!
As most of you already know, on MissFashionKitty channel, I upload fashion related videos, mostly OOTD type of videos, fashion haul...mostly just a short videos of my daily outfits!
If you haven't subbed to my MissFashionKitty channel yet, please do so now ☺

♥ Thank you very much! ♥

So, I do have two new videos up on there...both are inspired by fall fashion trends...
I filmed the first one at Lido di Jesolo seaside resort in Italy, a few weeks was a very warm, sunny & just lovely Sunday!
& The second one is actually a bit longer, because I put together four ootd that I filmed during my recent stay in Croatia.
Also, the weather was beautiful, it was serving us well, so my outfits were ideal for a warm, early fall days!

However, this week has started off quite chilly!
I'm in a phase of recovering from my cold so I haven't been out since we arrived back to Italy this past Wednesday ... but I have noticed that an extra blanket feels good & this morning my hubby turned the small heater on, just to warm up a bit our place.

Enjoy watching my vids, hopefully you get inspired! ;)

OOTD: Sunny Early Fall at the Seaside! (Skinny Jeans & Some Thrifted Fashion)
(hit the play button on the video above to watch it!)

MissFashionKitty: Four Fall Outfits for My Trip to Croatia ♥
(hit the play button on the video above to watch it!)

& Yes, I remembered to take a couple of pics...

These pics were taken in Italy, by the river Sile.


Outfit # 1 for my trip to Croatia.

Ready to hit the road in my casual/cute fall outfit!

Croatia day # 3
I was too ill to take a pic of day 2.
But I did manage to film a video (ootd) on my Day #2

I really love these shorts!

Croatia day #4.
Going back to Italy... my garden...going back to Italy with my new hair colour! ;)
Even ill, I managed to go to the hairdresser!
She offered me hot tea & honey two times during my stay at the salon, this is how sick I was...
Most of the clothes I was wearing is from H&M.
Recently I've done some major shopping there (will let you know about it, will do! ☺) because they had an in-store promotion, some sort of a mid-season sale...
I managed to grab some really nice pieces at awsome this pair of high-waisted floral print shorts and the dress from my last pics...
For other clothing items featured in my Outfit pics, check out those two new videos from the beginning of this post! 
I'm listing ALL my clothes & accessories there! so you aren't left with any doubts ;)

Have a lovely evening girls!
♥ Sonja
Ciaoooo, ciao from Italy,

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  1. i love the outfits that you put together! perfect for the fall :)



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