Wednesday 26 October 2011

REVIEW: Avon Anew Rejuvenate Line

Hello beauties!

It is a rainy day here in Italy, today I'm off work so I slept until late, still "recovering" from yesterday's waking up at 5.00 a.m. to go to work!
Even though I was very sleepy throughout the day yesterday, I managed to stay productive, so I kept doing things even in the late afternoon hours- I organised my closet and cleaned my room...& today I still have tons of housework to do...

But first things first! 
My blog! hihi ;)

I'm so overdue on this review...
My video on Avon Anew Rejuvenate line has already been up on my channel for a good week or so!
If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here:

In this video I'm going through all the three products that I was using from this line.
I did purchase even the fourth product, the Anew Rejuvenate Day Cream, but at the time I had a lot of daily moisturizers to go through, and my Mum really needed a day cream- ao I left that product to her!
Even though this line was created for 30+ group age, and my Mum is in her late 50., she still thought this was a great cream for her and she was really pleased with it- I asked her! :)

So these are the products that I was using & that I'll be reviewing today:

1.) ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser
2.) ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial Revitalising Concentrate
3.) ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Cream Night/Day

1.) ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser

This is a very good gel cleanser and a make up remover.
It can be used both mornings and evenings.
How to use:
Apply a small amount gently on your damp face and massage the product in with your fingers.
Then make sure to rinse everything off.

This product was very gentle on my face, it didn't irritate my skin, but it left it feeling fresh and smooth.

Contains 125ml of the product.

2.) ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial Revitalising Concentrate

This product has got a very light texture and absorbs really well into the skin in a matter of seconds!
Non irritating, never broke me out.
It illuminates your skin as it has got a slightly rose-irridescent tint to it.
I was using this product only in the mornings, before applying my foundation.
You can use this product in a combination with a day cream in a way that: You apply this concentrate first, then leave it to absorb into your skin, then apply your daily moisturizer and then apply your foundation.
But I personally never really did that, as I feel my skin doesn't need all these products!
This Revitalizing Concentrate alone is an awesome make up base, actually!

Contains 30ml of the product.

3.) ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Cream Night/Day

This little pot contains both day and night eye cream (2x 10ml).

The day cream is a slightly bit thicker in a consistency (comparing to the night cream-gel).
It is a white cream that absorbs really well and leaves your delicate under eye area well moisturized.
The night cream is a gel- consistency and it leaves your under eye area feeling refreshed and hydrated.
Both of these creams work in a prevention of forming of the fine lines and first wrinkles and attenuate the already existing ones.

This line will leave your skin feeling revitalised, fresh & very hydrated.
It is a very good introduction to the first anti-ageing skincare treatments.
It is pretty convenient price- wise.
All the products are very gentle and they won't cause any irritation to your skin, or any breakouts.
That's why this line is suitable for all skin types.
You don't necessarilly have to be in a goup age 30+ to start using this line.
As it is very gentle, non-irritating and very hydrating, it is suitable even for the girls in their mid 20.!

I hope this was a helpful review to anyone of you thinking about trying the first anti- ageing products, or this line in particular!

Have a lovely day!

♥ from Italy xx

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