Tuesday 25 October 2011

How to Wear/Style a Leopard Print Gilet?

Hello fashionistas!

I've been very productive today, I worked early this morning, then went to do a weekly grocery shopping...it is a rainy & kind of a chilly day, but that didn't stop me to go for a walk around the local open market (where I live, it happens twice a week: on Tuesdays and Saturdays...given the fact that I always work on Saturdays, I really wanted to go today & check out for the good deals & bargains!)
I also wanted to buy a material & beads for my jewellery, but unfortunately, due to the rain, the guys that usually sell beads & stuff didn't show up! :(
However, I'm still glad I went to the market because I did get a black skull scarf for only 3€, the famous Kelly...inspired... dark red bag for 29€ and the most adorable black & grey wool cape for only 5€!!!
I haven't taken the pics, but I'll show these items to you in one of my incoming haul videos, or featuring them in my OOTD videos :)

Talking about the OOTD videos, here is another one that is new on my MissFashionKitty channel:

I filmed this video a while ago and I had it in the files of my computer, so I edited it & re-uploaded...as I believe it is still very authentic!
Leopard print gilet is an item that is great for Fall/Winter season & you can style it in so many different ways...and wear it for.... from casual to special occasions...any occasion basically! ♪♪

You can also check out the video that I have on my eipysgudps channel where I'm giving you more ideas for the complete stylings around the leopard print gilet:

& here are some pics of the looks:

Break the everyday "all black" with a leopard print gilet & add
some fun to your styling!

A styling for "going out at night": black mini dress with shiny leggings, a black turtleneck & a
vintage belt.

"Rocker/chic girl" with leather look leggings & black high heeled booties! 

Office- work style.
Military green & grey are always trendy colours for the Fall season.
Add a bit of colour: I'm wearing my bright coloured silk scarf with adorable cats print!

Casual look with boyfriend fit (skinny leg) jeans & a big, brown vintage bag.

Youthful/ trendy look: Cute print T-shirt, lots of layered chunky bracelets,
boyfriend fit, skinny leg jeans & another vintage bag!
I hope you liked the looks!
Which one is your favourite and why?
Hopefully this blog post & my videos give you some ideas on what to wear in this rainy Fall season, to make your Fall less dull & gloomy! ;)

♥ Sonja ♥

Ciao, Ciao!

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