Saturday 8 October 2011

September Beauty Haul & Review

Hello girls!

September is behind us, and I have to say it's definitely been kind to us here in Italy, it brought us nothing but warm, sunny weather & summer temperatures!
So thank you September for being so lovely!

I've put together a little video where I'm showing you all the things that I bought in September...having the  beginning of the Fall on my mind!
Those are all beauty/make up related things, so I know you're going to enjoy watching ;)
Besides, I'm not just showing these items to you, but also giving a quick review on each & every product that I bought!
If you'd like to see a more detailed review on any of these products featured in my video, feel free to leave me your request in the comments section & I promise to do it as soon as I can!

But, first, let's take a look at my new video:

In the video, you'll see all the things that I got, but in my today's blog post I'd like to concentrate on the nail polishes, because I bought quite a few of the bottles during the past month...
& I'm not supposed to be buying new nail polishes!!!
...given the fact that I probably already have every possible colour that was ever created!!!
...& I don't need to add a new one to my collection!
...yet somehow I find myself with not one, but four (FOUR!!!) new nail polishes...
How's that possible!? What's wrong with me?
A few weeks ago, I got a comment on my MY BIG NAIL POLISH COLLECTION video, saying this exactly:
"Ummm u should change urtittle bcuz ur nail polish collection isnt big it tiny lolz try 484 nail polishes that how much i have"
This has definitely made me feel better!
My collection is waaaay under 484 nail polishes!!!

& now, let's see the colours that I could not say "NO" to... ♫♫

essence Quick drying nail polish
# 53 "You Belong to Me"

The colour of Tiffany jewellery boxes!

Kiko Make Up Milano nail lacquer
# 305

I love metallic nail colours!
& this one is soo pretty in my opinion :)

Shade # 5
Pixie Dust

essence nail art magnetics
I thought this was a dupe for Chanel's famous "Peridot",
but I was sooo wrong!
Disappointed about that, but still loving this colour!

A beautiful colour for the Fall!
essence Colour & Go
Quick Drying Nail Polish

Shade # 43
"Where is the Party?"
I love how they name their nail polishes ;)

Which one is your favourite colour out of these four?

& to know the rest of the beauty goodies that I bought in September...well, you'll have to check out my video! ;)
Sit down comfortably in your sofas, relax &...enjoy watching!
The Fall inspired Beauty Haul is now on! ;)

Have a lovely Sunday y'all

Kisss from Italy,
Ciao, ciao!

Sonja xx

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  1. I have Where is the party? by essence and it is by far my all time favourite...gunmetal grey under the purple is just so unique!


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