Thursday 20 October 2011

"Outfits of the Week" Video on MissFashionKitty Channel

Hello girls!

I'm about to go to sleep as tomorrow I have a busy day at work ahead of me, but before I hug my pillow, here is a quick outfit post for you :)

Actually, more than a post, it's a video...
Just an older video that I had in my files, so I've decided to edit it & re-upload it.
The outfits that I'm showing you in this video may serve you as a styling inspiration for this Fall weather, when one day it is warm and sunny and then the next day it is raining and quite chilly!

Hit the play button bellow to watch my video:

& don't forget to let me know which one was your favourite outfit, out of all these outfits that I featured here!
I'd love to know your opinion! :)

Besides that, how was your week so far?
To me, the days flew by much too quickly! I haven't done half of the things I had in mind!
But I did manage to hang out with my friends :)
This Tuesday I went at the italian open market & as usual, found some amazing things, plus I also got some beads & other material for my jewellery, which is very exciting!
I'll share with you more about the new pieces that I made in one of my upcoming videos, or on my 
That same day, in the afternoon hours, I went thrifting with my friends Liley & 
Arianna from Shiny Fairies blog, needless to say, we went a bit crazy & returned home with a whole bunch of stuff, perfect for the fall and winter weather! hihi ;)

& today, even though it was rainy & gloomy day, after I finished running errands for my hubby at the post office, I went with my friend Chiara to the mall.
The reason wasn't shopping, but giving out Chiara's cv, as she's searching for a job.
We had a nice chat, grabbed some frozen yoghurts ...
I returned home with only one thing: A perfume from Zara, "Black Peony".
I was sooo surprised at how good the Zara's perfumes are!
...and very, very affordable!
I paid the "Black Peony" (30ml) only 9.95€.
I'm sorry you guys that I haven't taken any pics, but as I've said, it was a busy week & I really had a very little time to dedicate to my blog!
I'll make it up to you the next week, as I have two big reviews coming, on dr.Hauschka and Avon Anew Rejuvenate line.
I already have these reviews on my eipysgudps youtube channel, if you wish you can check them out:
but as I've said, there will be detailed reviews on these products soon on my blog :)

Good night to you all!
 ♥ Sweet dreams ♥

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