Tuesday 21 February 2012

BIG Fashion Haul: Sequins & Sparkles! ♥♥

Hello beauties!

By now, you probably already know that I have a never-ending thirst for fashion!
I went shopping again & this is my haul :)

You can check out what caught my attention the most, this past weekend when I went shopping, by clicking on the play button bellow & watching my video!

Here is what I absolutely needed to have this time! ;)


I got this nordic print, aviator style hat at 70% off!

Trendy knitted wool headband/headcover!
Just like the ones the girls from "The City" wore in one of the episodes :)

Crazy about sequins!
I got this gold sequin clutch (super sparkly) at Accessorize at 70% off!

Whitney Port ("The City") inspired look!


Aztec print cardigan (that I already showed you in my previous fashion haul), turned out to be a great buy,
as I can't seem to stop wearing it !

I got this cardigan for only 9.99€ during the winter sales!

Bershka top with white & black stripes (the black stripes are filled with silver threads, which makes this top super sparkly!) was reduced to only 3.99€
I bought it thinking about the upcoming spring & summer season, when I'll be wearing it under my hot pink Zara blazer.

Cozy, warm sweater by Bershka.
I love it for my casual day outfits & for Sundays at work!

Another booties in my collection!
These are so comfy & at 12.99€ I really couldn't say "no" to this purchase! ;)

This bodysuit is perfect to wear with my high waisted shorts, or skirts!

Sooo sparkly!!! I love this skirt :)
It was reduced to only 3.99€ (I couldn't believe it!!!)


At Zara I got some warm & stylish scarves for only 4.99€
(they were reduced to more than 80% off, as the original price was around 27 something €!)

Another long, warm, sparkly scarf by Zara.

Zara denimwear
Skinny jeans

I just ♥ the fit of these jeans!

This is the first time I purchased a pair of Zara's jeans & I'm very pleased with the fit & the quality!


Affordable jewellery & tights at H&M
(only 1€ per piece!)

Another cute headcover/headband inspired by "The City" style :)

I'm loving this peach colour!

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear's Leopard print T-shirt, a bit larger-oversized model.
Edgy/rocker/chic inspired!

My Little pony T-shirt!
So cute!

When I was a kid I was obsessed with horses & my little pony!

I hope you liked my haul!

Let me know if you like anything in particular, from all these goodies that I bought!

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo Sonja

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