Thursday 9 February 2012

January Fashion Haul: H&M ♥

Hello dolls ♥

I'm back with another fashion haul!

I went to H&M (again, lol) & picked up some nice goodies at this winter sales...that's why I'm super excited to share these purchases with you!

Yes, I do have a video where I'm showing you my latest haul, & you can check it out here:

& here are the pics of my newest goodies!


I just ♥ to shop at H&M for their jewellery & other accessories!
Even at a full price, they're always affordable, yet always on trend!
On sales, I got these items for only 1€ each!
Such a steals!

I love this necklace, I got the same one, but in a turquoise color, past summer; it retailed at a full price  for 9.95€.
I got this red one for only 1€!

Black, bold, cocktail ring.

This is a brooch/ hair pin.
It was the only one left, reduced from 7.95€ to only 1€!
I had to get it!
It'll be great for the special occasions.
It's so chic & sophisticated :)

Another cute necklace, this came also in black, but for me, I liked it better in this pale pink colour!

My new accessories from H&M

Cute top with stripes & a black bow detail

Color blocking trend continues this upcoming Spring & Summer!
I got this dress for 5€ (reduced from 24.95€)

Romantic inspired style, boho- chic long blouse with lace details & flower embroidery.
I looove this one!
I can't wait to wear this with my floral print leggings that I got past summer!

Decorations on the blouse (front)

Decorations on the blouse (back)

These "cigarette" style pants are definitely among my best- buys!
These are so soft & comfy, they just feel great on!
Needless to say, I'm going to be wearing them a lot this spring & summer!
Love these pants paired with my golden ballet flats :)

I got these pants for only 5€

Another cigarette cut pants, another great buy!
Love the colour too :)

These came together with this thin, brown belt!


A simple, black cardigan is a must- have in anyone's wardrobe & a great layering piece!

I love the cute button details that this cardigan has on the sleeves.
These details make my simple, black cardigan...less boring! :)

This sweater is soo warm, I love it!
It's super cold in Italy these days, so I'm happy to have this in my wardrobe ;)

Warm camel color scarf, with faux fur pom-pom details!
I got the matching gloves a few weeks ago (you could have seen them in my previous haul!)

Metallic color sweaters are on trend!
I got this at young girls' dept. (size 14Y+) for only 3€

A few pics of me, filming my haul video...


I love H&M's lingerie!
I usually don't include this in my haul vids (don't want some creepy perverts hanging on my blog & youtube channel), but for you, girls, here is just a quick glance at the 3pack hipsters (in cotton!) that I got for only 3€ (reduced from 12.95€).
 One can never have enough of these, btw!

My conclusion is that I ♥

Thank you for stopping by!

If you have a haul that you'd like to share with me, make sure to post it as a video response!

Kisss from Italy xx
nighty night! ;)


  1. odličan si nakit kupila za tako malo novaca, stvarno dobra ušteda :)

    1. bit ce super za ovo ljeto! zimi bas ne nosim puno nakita, ali ljeto je savrseno za to! stvarno super cijene, nisam mogla odoljeti! xx

    2. Any chance there were more of those red H&M necklaces?I've been looking desperately for that one,and have no idea where to find it :(.You would make me the happiest:D

    3. Oh, I'm sorry, but when they put them on sale, they got sold out in a matter of seconds!
      I do have the same one in a turquoise colour, so I might be willing to sell the red one! Make me an offer :) You can also contact me at:
      xx Sonja

  2. I wrote you an email at that address :D

    1. I'm a bit busy with moving to a new place, but will be replying you shortly!


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