Thursday 2 February 2012 Fashion & Jewellery Haul (YSL Arty Ring Replicas for less than 2$!)

Hello dolls! ;)

Let me share with you my haul from website!
In the past, I have already collaborated with them, so I'm familiar with the company.
This time I wanted to buy a few bits & pieces from their website that I really liked!
I especially love to buy the accessories from there, I believe they have the cutest, the most trendy, and the cheapest jewellery!

This time, a part from the jewellery (rings, necklaces and a bracelet), I also got one item that I had set my eyes on, ever since the beginning of the Fall/ Winter season.
I saw the stores like Zara and Bershka have it in their offer at cca 70€, that's why I was so pleasantly surprised when I found this garment for only 8$ at web store!
And I'm talking about a leopard print (faux fur) jacket!


The company is based in China, but how quickly is a delivery going to be, depends on the shipping method you choose!
I ordered the goodies in November, and the package has just arrived to my address a few days ago!
That's a long wait, but I guess that's why because I ordered through the China Post by Sea service (it takes up to 40 days to deliver the packages) and also because there was the holiday season (italian post can become a real pain in the ... 
when it comes to delivering packages in December and January!).
Anyway, the important thing is that everything has finally arrived safely and in a good condition!
I've chosen the China Post by Sea because it was the least expensive (cca 14$ as opposed to DHL, UPS, or similar services that cost even up to 50$!).
As I didn't have that much of a hurry to receive the goodies, plus my total order was less than 40$, so it seemed unacceptable to pay other 50$ just for the shipping expenses (!!), I had decided to give it a shot with the China Post by Sea.
They will provide you with the track number, however, I found it very hard to track my package down once it had already left China!
Anyway, after this experience, I can say that I'll place my order again, choosing the China Post by Sea as a shipping method.
(When, in the past, the was sending me items for free to review, I always got them in a matter of a few days, but they were paying for the shipping so it has always been DHL services!)


In my opinion, is the best place there is around, to shop for an ultra trendy and super affordable, jewellery pieces!
The whole reason why I placed my order in a first place, were their RINGGGS and necklaces that I just fell in love with!

YSL "Arty" ring replicas

Finally I managed to find a good quality YSL Arty ring replicas, for an incredible price of only 1.50$ (!!!)
I ordered them in a three different colours, actually four, but they went out of stock in a matter of minutes and I had to "settle" for only three!

& here are other cute rings that I've chosen!
I just couldn't resist, these are super cute & cost only 1$, or less than that, each!

My hubby actually likes this "cat eras" ring!
So funny & cute!
My colleagues from work also compliment me on it :)

Connector ring with skulls, roses & a gemstone!

Another connector ring (love the turquoise beads!)

This connector ring is soo cute!
It's also adjustable in size, so it fits pretty much every finger size!

Peace sign connector ring, adjustable in size.

& a pink sparkly photo camera for a fashion/beauty blogger like me! ;)

I've also chosen three necklaces:

This long, gold chain, flower/ piece sign necklace is going to be perfect for my summer outfits!

It's so sparkly & colorful, I love it!

Golden piece sign with wings.

Skull necklace with rhinestones and flower head decoration :)
My hubby & my colleagues also loved this one!

I've chosen only one bracelet, that I'm going to layer together with my rose gold watch :)

Pearls & pink skull :)

If you want to see all these items featured in my video haul, click on the video bellow:

For more info, or to shop at, click HERE!

I hope you liked my haul!
Let me know which are your favourite items that I got in this haul!

Have you ever purchased at
How was your overall experience of shopping at their web store?

Have a lovely evening!
Kisss from Italy xx


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