Tuesday 28 February 2012

My Current Top Nail Polish Colours & Brands!

Hello dolls!

I have prepared a quick video for you, where I feature all of my current favourite nail polish colours & brands!

Among my fast growing nail polish collection, these are my current "go-to" colours!

And of course, I've made sure to take plenty of the pics for my blog! ;)

- Nail polishes "Made in Italy", bought at my local Douglas Profumeries, for only 1.50€ each!

These polishes don't come by any particular name, just by a number.
This orange colour is going to be perfect for the spring and summer time, but I actually bought it this winter & was enjoying wearing it on my nails!

This orange colour nail polish comes by a # 03.

This winter I loved wearing the olive green nail polish, this one is a # 121.

Dark plum colour is a #75.
Another one of my winter favourites!
These nail polishes are very inexpensive, but quite long-lasting and pretty fast drying!
If you live in Italy, and/or have a Douglas Profumeries near you, I recommend you to check out these polishes (I believe these are sold exclusively at Douglas stores!)

- Catrice Nail Polishes are always among my favourites!
The colours are always on trend and the quality is awesome!
I picked out these two as my current favourite colours from Catrice:

This colour can be considered a "dupe" for Chanel's "Peridot"

# 660 "I'm a Star"

My go-to, the perfect nude, nail polish colour!

# 030 "My Café Au Lait At Notre- Dame"

- Kiko Make Up Milano Nail Lacquer

I'm loving their limited edition "Hologram" collection!
This is my favourite nail polish from that collection:

This was a limited edition, I don't know if it's still available in the stores, or on-line!
# 354

Violet, with golden shimmer = perfection!
It changes the colours, depending on how the light hits it!

- In my nail polish collection, I have re-discovered this gorgeous, feminine red colour by Maybelline!

This colour is perfect all- year round!

Maybelline Express Finish Diamonds
Cherry Diamonds # 500/515 D
 - My most recent finds are these nail polishes by Pupa Make Up.
Glossy Nail polish- lasting colour.
I picked out quite a few from this range (will be doing a haul, shortly!), but this is my current favourite from the ones I picked out:

# 303, (they don't come by any particular name)
These are very long lasting!
I love this dark fuchsia colour, it's sooo pretty!

These are my current nail polish colours that I like the best/ wear the most in this period of time!

But I change my mind all the time, lol, tomorrow I'll probably have another favourite! ;D

Which nail polish colours/brands are your current favourites?
Any recommendations for the must-have nail polish of the moment?

Have a lovely evening!
xoxo Sonja

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