Tuesday 7 February 2012

♥ My Perfume Collection ♥

Hello dolls!

Today I'm going to show you my (small) perfume collection!
This was requested by many, especially on my formspring, I always get so many questions regarding my favourite perfumes & my collection...
So now that I finally have a collection (I got all these perfumes around holiday season,lol!), I made a quick little video about it.

You can take a look at my perfume collection here:

& here are a couple of pics of those, to me, irresistible little bottles!
(I like to call my perfumes: "A happiness in a bottle" ♥ )

Miss Dior Chérie was gifted to me by my hubby ♥

Versace "The Dreamer" was a Christmas present from my Mum.

Another Christmas present from my Mum, Essence "Vampire's Love"
I'm crazy about this scent!!!

Prada Candy was my choice, I simply fell in love with the sample that I had & was "forced" to buy a full bottle of it! lol ;)

My little perfume collection currently counts four perfumes.

Fancy little bottles of a pure happiness :)
My day isn't the same if I'm not wearing any perfume!
 Also, on my wish list is "Couture, Couture by Juicy Couture" and I'm planning to repurchase soon Zara's "Black Peony" as I loved it so much and it is super affordable (it costs only 9.95€!)

& what about your favourite perfumes?

Have a lovely & happy evening!
Kisssses from an icy cold Italy xx


  1. Vapires Love fragrance is very beautiful and magic smell, nice blog :)


    1. So do you also have this perfume?
      I really love it, especially in colder months! Now I enjoy their spring- time version called "Blossoms etc." another gift from my Mum :)
      Thanx for stopping by & commenting!


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