Wednesday 20 March 2013

BIG FASHION HAUL: Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Bershka

Hello lovelies!

I have one massive fashion haul for you! :)
I went to some of my favourite stores, such as Pull & Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka and I got a whole bunch of things while they were still on sales (btw. I didn't get all this things all at once, but over the past month or two, while the sales were still going on!)

As usual, I thought I'd share this exciting haul with you, as I know it might serve you as an inspiration! (I personally enjoy watching fashion & beauty hauls, they always leave me full of new ideas!)

You can check out my fashion haul video here:
(Prepare yourselves, this is going to be a long one! So grab a cup of tea, relax in your sofas, and enjoy watching!)

New In:

On the clothes rack...
New additions to my wardrobe :)

Pretty lace T-shirt (that I got in a size L, for an oversized feel).
Leopard print scarf
All from Pull & Bear
Beautiful, Chanel style top from Pull & Bear

Detailing of the top

Golden studs as embellishments

Simple, blue skinny jeans (on sales for only 5.99€)
Pull & Bear
I really like Pull & Bear jeans and I already have several pairs of jeans from that store!

Just a few studded details around the pockets on my simple skinny jeans

Military style coat, reduced from 79.95€ to only 19.99€
This was such a steal!

Another military style coat, reduced from 79.95€ to 29.99€
This was the last one left, luckily it fit me well!

The last thing I got at Pull & Bear was this big, cross print scarf!
I was lucky to get this one on sale too, because I've been eyeing it ever since it first came in store!
This is such a trendy piece!

A few things that I got at Stradivarius:
A pair of leggings...

The front side is shiny, "pleather" like, and the back is just simple, cotton, black.

Another pair of leggings, shiny, black leopard print dots :)

These are so cool :)

In ♥ with this jacket from Stradivarius!
Real suede & black leather combo

This jacket is going to be great for spring time & a bit warmer days!

At Bershka I got a whole lot of cute camis & T-shirts...
They were all reduced to 2.99€
Nobody can beat that!

Star on the front, black lace on the back :)

White bat, dipped in paint...

Little golden studs as detailing on the bat print.

Another cute T-shirt

Interesting back detail

This T-shirt was a gift from my friend Stefania
(you met her in my vlogs!)

Cute "Angry Birds" T-shirt

One simple top from Bershka...

...with just three little studs on the back as an embellishment
Love this detailing, especially when I'm wearing my hair pulled up in a bun, or in a ponytail!

A bit more dressy, owl print blouse/top

Some warmer knittwear from Bershka, as outside is still quite cold!

Pink zebra ♥
I got this sweater in a size M, so it's longer and I can wear it with my leggings :)

Another great find at Bershka, this leather jacket, with burgundy & black details!
I ♥ it!
Soo pleased that I was able to grab this one on sales!
The retail price was quite high, as it's real leather...

Another warmer & larger sweater...I love the colours of it!

Chanel inspired jacket, but sporty version of it, with a hood!
(which you can remove, depending on the style you want to go for!)
Love the black leather detailing & some small studs too!

Mint green computer case & my new booties!
All from Bershka

I hope you liked this haul!
If you have a fashion haul that you'd like to share, make sure to leave me your video response! I'll be happy to watch it :)

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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