Monday 4 March 2013

Dry Lips S.O.S. The Best Lip Balms & Lip Plumpers!

Hello beauties!

One of my dear friends requested me to do a video talking about my favourite lip balms & dry lips saviors!

I immediately knew I wanted to do this video, because I'm such a huge lip balm addict, and I have tested out a lot of lip balms, so I can definitely recommend a few that I think are worth having in your beauty bag!

To find out more about my favourite lip balms, watch my video here:

These are my absolute favourites:

Dior Creme de Rose
YSL Top Secrets
L'Occitane Cocoa Flower

Other lip balms that I like:

Cera di Cupra (awesome lip balm, very nourishing & lip plumping!)
Labello Light Kiss (always by my bed-side table)
Labello Repair & Beauty (always in my pocket)
Apropos (all natural lip care from italian herbalist store)

Some croatian best beauty buys:
Lip Balm by Kozmo (honey & propolis)
Melem (croatian cult product!) More on Melem here!

UK drugstore best buys:
Vaseline Lip Therapy (with rose and almond oil)
The Little Red Tin (from Superdrug)
Hello Kitty lip balm (from H&M)

Kisss from Italy xoxo

I hope this video/ post helped you in deciding which lip balm to get for the best care of your lips!
Most of these, besides keeping your lips moisturized, will also give them a plumping, volumizing effect (especially Dior, YSL, L'Occitane and Cera di Cupra!)

Make sure to do a lip scrub once a week, it'll help in removing dry/dead skin, and the lipstick / lip gloss will apply so much better! I recommend one of the amazing Lush lip scrubs (Bublegum or Popcorn, which are my favourites!).

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Stay beautiful :)

xoxo, S.


  1. Hi Sonja :o),

    I really enjoyed reading this post,because I love lipbalms,too.I'm glad you suggested us also the ones that are more plumping.Those are always good :)!I'm surprised you didn't mention the lipbalms by the Croatian brand Rosal.I use them regularly.I still have to buy the Melem moisturiser.Anyway,I saw it in Slovenia in Tuš Drogerija,so I'll now where to get it.
    I'm off now to YT to watch your video.

    All the best to you :)!

    1. Jasmina, I like Rosal lip balms, it's just that I currently don't have any in my collection, so I didn't mention them! I realized I forgot to mention Nuxe too, the one in a little pot, that's amazing for dry lips, as well as Dr. Hauschka, both in a stick and in a pot! I need to repurchase those!
      I hope you'll like Melem, it's truly all purpose skin balm :)


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