Thursday 21 March 2013

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector (Combination to Oily Skin) Review

Hello dolls!

The product that I've been using on my face for the last couple of months, as a part of my everyday make up routine, and instead of my daily moisturiser, foundation and compact powder, has been this awesome BB cream by Garnier!

After I've used up the regular version of Garnier BB cream (which was more than anything else, suitable for dry skin, plus the colour for me was way off...)based on a recommendation from one of my subbies, I got the same BB cream, but in a different formulation, for oily to combination skin, and I was finally able to get it in a shade suitable for my skin tone, which is light /clair.

I'm extremely pleased with this product, as it keeps my face shine free the whole day long, even when I'm working long hours, I don't feel the need to touch-up my make up!

Find out more about this product,and why it is so great, in my review video, here:

Garnier has come up with a BB cream ideal for oily/ combination skin type!
Non Comedogenic, oil- free texture, with ultra- absorbent perlite + mineral pigments, it'll stay on your face all day long, and provide a complete matte effect!

Miracle skin perfector for combination to oily skin, gives you the effect of immediately perfected skin:

- Anti- shine
- Blurs pores + imperfections
- Evens tone + boosts glow
- Moisturises
- SPF 20 UV Protection

Being a fair skin tone, I've chosen my BB cream in a shade light/clair.
Here is a swatch of it (I wasn't intending on the swatch to be so huuge, a tad bit too much of the product came out! ughh! lol)

I'm really satisfied with the colour, it matches my skin tone and evens it out nicely!
The container holds 40ml of the product, which is pretty decent amount and it'll last you several months, even when using it  on a daily basis!
This product is available in most drugstores and supermarkets and the retail price is around 8€.

Garnier Skin Naturals Products use, wherever possible, naturally derived active ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity.

Mineral pigments + ultra- absorbent perlite instantly mattify your skin, but it still looks luminous and more even.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this product and I would recommend it to whoever has oily/ combination, breakout prone skin and is looking for a nice, light product, non comedogenic, that is going to take care of your skin, making it appear even and better looking, keeping it mattified throughout the day!

I hope this review was helpful!

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Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.


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