Tuesday 12 March 2013

How I Prepare My Skin for Self Tanning (Sun Goddess Preview)

Hello beauties!

As we're heading into Spring, I started thinking about the warmer weather & self tanning!
I usually like to self tan before summer, before going to the beach. I don't like to go to the tanning beds because this can cause premature aging, so in order to have a little bit of a tan going on, when I hit the beach, I always reach for a self tanner!

This year, I'll be using the Sun Goddess sunless tanning lotion, and I'm so excited to try it out as I've hear so many positive reviews on it!

This lotion is made in the USA and it's cruelty free,
 it contains a wonderful blend of natural ingredients
 that protect and moisturize your skin!

I'm thinking about trying this product out really soon, as I want to do a proper review on it (+ there will be a giveaway too, here on my blog & youtube channel, so check back for that!)

This post is just a quick preview of Sun Goddess self tanner, as in this post I actually want to explain to you guys, all the steps I do to prep my skin for self tanning!
I feel these steps are essential to developing a nice, even tan, so I hope this will help you out in case you're about to self tan for the very first time, or in case you had some bad self tanning experiences in the past!

How I Prepare My Skin for Self Tanning?

(check out my video for more tips!)

I remove all the unwanted hair on my body, with Veet stripes and Gilette razor.
These work perfectly fine for me! 

Before self tanning, make sure to do a complete body and face scrub.
This will remove all the dead skin and ensure that your tan develops evenly!
I like to scrub my body while showering, with Avon Naturals Vanilla Moisturising Body Scrub.
(smells heavenly!!!)
For my face, I chose the Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream for sensitive skin.

These body & face brushes can be very handy, as they'll help you out when doing a scrub to your body/face + they'll help in getting the blood circulation going!

These are great as anti-cellulite treatments too!

Avon body brush
Sephora face brush
Drugstore brush kit

Now I'm ready for self tanning!
Always make sure to use gloves (these came with the lotion, in the pink little bag), or wash your hands afterwards, to avoid getting weird tan lines between your fingers!

I'm really looking forward to telling you guys more about this tanning lotion!
In the meanwhile, you can check out Sun Goddess here!

It's made in the sunny California, it has to be good! I feel like they're the tanning experts, lol! ♥

Thanks Sun Goddess for giving me a chance to safely tan :) 

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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