Wednesday 13 March 2013

Zara Fashion Haul ♥

Hello girls!

Today I have a fashion haul to share with you ♥

I got some awesome things at Zara (during the sales period)!
I ♥ Zara, but they've been quite pricey lately, so I usually buy there on sales only! Every now & then, I'll fall in love with something from their current collection and get it at full price, but it rarely happens, because my experience has shown that most of these things, I'll later on, going to be able to get at even 90% off (INSANE, I KNOW!!!) 

Here it goes, my haul:

For the puropse of my fashion video,
I hanged all the clothes on this clothes rack,
just to be able to show everything better! :)

White/military green/military style coat.
A bit more lightweight fabric, this is going to be ideal for the early Spring days!

Tops, pants, jackets & coats, to renew my wardrobe for the upcoming season!

Leopard print/velvet details, skinny fit pants.

Military green, "waxy" skinny jeans ♥

"Waxy" leggings, these are so comfy & fit so well!

"Wild Divine" oversized top by Zara 

I ♥ this sequin jacket!
So happy that I got it on sales, as I spotted this item at the beginning of winter season and I wanted it so badly!
It was quite expensive though, so I've decided to wait...and it paid off! ;)

Oversized top with leather details, so chic!

Zara footwear ♥
New additions to my collection!
Which ones do I like best?
I don't know, it's hard to tell! :)

All of these items were reduced to even 80%/90% off!
I would have never been able to get them all at full price!

If you'd like to see how all these items look like on me, check out my haul video, here:

I really hope this was fun for you to watch & inspiring (if you're shopping for hot new items to renew your wardrobe!)

What is your favourite fashion store to shop at?
Leave me your comment! :)

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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