Thursday 7 March 2013

The Best Supermarket Budget Beauty Buys!

Hello beauties!

I wanted to do a post about my favourite skincare/bodycare/haircare products that come straight from the supermarket! 
No need to go bankrupt, these are all super cheap, yet very good quality and I'm really excited to have discovered them!

Sometimes it's hard to keep buying high end, expensive products, but the desire to feel pampered is still there, even when we're struggling with our monthly my blog post is here to show you how can you feel & look like a million dollars, even with a small budget, using the products from your local supermarket!

Do you think that's impossible?

I'm here to prove you wrong!

Watch my "The Best Supermarket Budget Beauty Buys" video here, & see how I incorporated some of the super cheap beauty finds from my local supermarket, into my daily beauty routine!

Here are some of my favourite products, that I can recommend to all of you  (some of these may be harder to get if you aren't in Italy, but I'll make sure to leave you the links to the websites of all the italian brands that I've mentioned!)

Favourite hair care products from my local supermarket:
L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray, cult product, cca 4€
available at most supermarkets & drugstores worldwide!

Gardin Apicoltura hair shampoo (with honey & royal gelee). This shampoo costs less than 2€, but it's absolutely amazing!
Must try!!!
More info here:

Liabel Hair Mask (with line seed oil for extra volume & detangling), only 0.99€
(with coconut oil, nourishing & detangling), only 0.99€
more info here:

Camomilla Schulz hair lotion for lightening effect (I'm hoping this will save me a trip to the hairdresser and blend my dark roots with the rest of my blonde hair!)
cca 5€
more info here:

Garnier products for make up removal are very efficient, yet very affordable!
Available at most supermarkets & drugstores worldwide!

Mudd original mask, cca 5€
it contains 100% pure clays and special minerals, it absorbs excess oil, deeply embedded dirt and make-up.
more info here:

I Provenzali Jojoba Oil 100% pure
cca 10€
awesome multi-purpose oil, great as an anti-age!
more info here:

Dove Summer Glow daily body moisturizer with self tanner
cca 4€
available at most supermarkets and drugstores worldwide!

Cléo nourishing cream body wash with chocolate yoghurt scent
cca 2€
more info here:

Cera di Cupra, one of the best lip balms, with nourishing & plumping effect!
cca 2€
more info here:

Liabel and Arcobaleno nail polishes
long lasting effect, trendy colours!
0.99€ each!

Suddenly Madame Glamour eau de parfum
(dupe for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle)
cca 3€
available at LIDL supermarkets!!!

Treasures from my local supermarket! ;)

I hope this was helpful and that it made you see that you don't have to spend a lot for a good quality product!

We can be pampered and get the best, even with a small budget!

Do you have any super cheap beauty product finds that you'd like to share with me & with the rest of the readers?
Leave me your comments!

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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