Monday 11 April 2011

DIY Project: Trendy Wrap Bracelets!

Hello girls!

Being at home sick SUCKS big time! Especially in spring time, when the sun is calling me outside...
(& my girlfriend too, btw, who wanted to go shopping with me tomorrow...I'm forced to say NO to shopping! OMG...)

Anyways, to make the most out of every single moment spent at home alone in my, oh my, misery...I've decided to be crafty & make these super trendy wrap bracelets! I would have made even more than I have, but I ran out of the supplies..sigh...
But I'm really proud with the ones I've done so far, so I've decided to do a little blog post tutorial for you guys, because these are really not so difficult to do, as some people might be claiming!

Let me tell you that H&M is currently selling these (but much more poorly done, definitely not as pretty as the DIY project ones) at 2.95€ each!
Past week, at work, I saw one client wearing these, but DIY version & they looked so beautiful!
I had to ask her, were those DIY project bracelets and she confirmed. I said that I was thinking about trying to do the same, instead of buying them at H&M (or where else) because I think the DIY ones are so much  prettier! She (the bi.chy lady) replied back that these are actually very difficult to make, and that even her daughter has to help her out when making these, being these so hard to make.
I didn't really buy that story, so I've informed myself about the technique, and learned how to do these cute bracelets!  I'm definitely not going to be the one telling you how hard & impossible is to make these!
On the contrary, I'm here to do a tutorial just so I can help you out, if you were thinking about buying these bracelets, now you know that you can actually make them even prettier, on your own!

So, let's get started...

You'll need:
Pretty beads (smaller beads & one big bead that you'll use as a clasp), leather ribbon (1 m if you're going for a double wrap), colored yarn or nylon string, a pair of scissors, a needle.

-Tie a knot at the end of the leather ribbon with enough space inbetween for the big bead from the other end to go through, this will function as the clasp.

- String yarn or nylon string through the knot and start with the smaller beads.

- Use a needle to string the smaller beads.

- Go from behind the leather ribbon, over to the front, through the small bead, ending behind the other leather ribbon and coming back arround.

- Once the bracelet is long enough, tie the knot at the end, string the big bead, tie another knot behind the bead, keeping it in place.

And your wrap bracelet is done!

In the future, I'll possibly do a video tutorial on it, but currently I can't because my "camera man" is so busy these days lol, plus I'm sick...
Anyways, I'll give you a link to this awesome video tutorial that will explain any doubt you still might have, after reading my blog post.

I hope you'll be crafty & do your own wrap bracelet(s)!



  1. really nice :D thanks for the tutorial

  2. finally! someone who explains it easily! thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear this was helpful! xoxo


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