Tuesday 19 April 2011

Hair Tutorial: Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & The City) Inspired Big, Volumized Bun

Hello girls!

Today I'm bringing you a hair tutorial, this tutorial was highly requested, ever since I wore this hairstyle in my TOP Spring & Summer 2011. Fashion Trends.

I'm talking about the Carrie Bradshaw inspired big, volumized bun! I personally love this hairstyle, it's very chic & also easy to acheive!
Also, this is a great look for whenever you're experiencing a bad hair day...

I <3 Carrie!
I'm a big fan of "Sex & The City" (not so much the movies though...) and have all the 10 espisodes on DVDs and have watched them thousands of times (I'm not even joking!!!)
Here is Carrie's famous hairstyle, a tres chic big bun:

In my video I'm explaining you, step by step, how to do this hairstyle, so just click on the button play bellow, to watch this tutorial:

Here are some of the pics of me with this hairstyle:

I hope you like this look!
xx Sonja


  1. Fora mi je skroz :) Mislim da ti lijepo pristaje ;)

  2. So pretty on you Sonja!!! Thank you for showing us the tips!!xxoo

  3. You've been updating your blog with many interesting things lately it seems, unfortunately I haven't had time to read much at all :/
    But I love this hairstyle, it looks fabulous on you, and so many people in general, no surprise it's popular <3 I wear it myself rather often when I put my hair up, though with my tight curls every hairstyle looks quite.. different from most originals ^^


  4. vrlo ljepo :D i zgodno izgleda baš za ljeto :D

  5. this hair style looks wonderful!! you did a great job with the tutorial!! i love the photos <3


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