Wednesday 13 April 2011

Thrift Store Finds Haul (pt.two) & Thrifting For Beginners... How To Successfully Thrift?

My thrift store mania continues... I seriously doubt if I'll ever shop at a regular store again! LOL

If you have never been into thrifting before, but recently you have been considering this idea, you might need some useful tips & know what to expect...
In this case, don't miss out on my "Thrifting for Beginners... How To Successfully Thrift!" video:

Just click on the play button to watch the video.
I think I can give you some quality advices because (not everybody knows this about me), when I was living in London, I used to volunteer 4 hours a day at my local PDSA (for  pets in need of vets) charity shop!


& now, here are all the fantastic deals that I got this time!


Fun blazer by a brand "Please". Never heard of the brand, but I'm
loving the floral print!
If I'm not mistaken, I paid this 2 €...
But I might be mistaken, I possibly paid this only 1 €!!!

Floral print is definitely IN style for this season!

A nice blazer by Ann Taylor!

Again, the blazer was only 2 €!

100% silk shirt, branded by "Al Duca D'Aosta",
italian made.

1 € for this flowy, billowy shirt of an
extremely good quality!

A similar style, large, flowy & billowy, I'm
loving this pattern!
Only 1 €!

This type of shirts will look awesome tucked inside a high waisted skinny
jeans or a high waisted shorts, with a belt to complete the styling.

Suede like shirt in light beige colour.
This is currently a major trend in the fashion stores!
Check out H&M for the similar styles!
But nothing can beat the price of this one: 2 €!!!


A brand new (with a tag still on) suede-like
grey leggings.

I have a similar pants/leggings in a camel colour, bought
this winter during the sales period.
These are so comfy & go well with lots of things!
Also, very formfitting & flattering :)

Flare leg jeans are back in a big style!

I was happy to find a pair of original "Miss Sixty" wide leg jeans
for ONLY 1€ (!!!)
I'll have to shorten these a bit, as these are probably a '34 length
& I need a '32 to fit me perfectly!
(I'm 170 cm tall...I need to grow up a 5 more cm LOL...I wish)


A brown bag by Helix.
At first I wasn't really sure whether I should get this bag or not.
My friend convinced me to buy it and now I'm happy I did because
I have been wearing it almost every single day!
I just added a brown tassle that I bought at H&M, to modernize it a bit
& make it more trendy!
The bag was 0.50 €

A thin brown belt.
You always need these in your wardrobe, to style any outfit!
Price: 0.50 €

Isn't this a gorgeous girly colour?
It seems like a brand new, but I paid it
only 1 €!

After all this, there is only one thing left to say: "I need to go back to this thrift store!!!"
Now, I'm sure, you understand me when I say I'll possibly never shop in a regular store again!!! ...

You can also watch my "Thrift Store Finds Haul (pt. two) video by clicking here!

Regarding my OOTD & FOTD from the videos, I got compliments on my top & my necklace.
Both these items are from H&M (currently in stores, new collection).
I bought these before my thrifting experience, lol!!!

My make up is Danna Garcia (the colombian singer & actress) inspired look and the tutorial is coming up soon! ;)

These pics are just a little preview ;)
I think this tutorial is going to be something new, interesting, fun & refreshing for you guys to see!

xx Sonja

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  1. aw what a cute post! i loove all the pieces and items, very chic! my fave are all the beautiful blouses. and thank you so much lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well on here. and also subscribed to your Youtube Channel! :)

    <3, Kathleen.


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