Tuesday 5 April 2011

How I Straighten My Hair (With GHD "Purple Indulgence")

Hello you guys!

A lot of you have been asking me to show you the exact way how I straighten my hair...
As you probably know, my hair is naturally wavy & quite wild. Even though I always get many compliments when wearing it wavy, I personally prefer wearing it straight. I love when my hair is straight, silky & smooth to the touch!

I have my GDH styler, for little less than a year now, and never before was I so pleased with a hair straightener!

You can watch my detailed review on my GHD styler (mine was a limited edition "Purple Indulgence") here.

Now, since this review, I got lots of requests to actually show you "my techinque" of hair straightening, so I finally filmed this video for you :)
Please click here to watch it!

I bought my GHD at Trilab hair salon here in Italy.
The original price was 189.00 €, but I had a 30.00 € discount plus they gave me as a gift a travel size GHD hair dryer.
I use my small GHD hair dryer whenever I'm travelling, but when I'm at home, I blow dry my hair with the Remington Protect & Shine pro ionic 2000 (you can see it on the pic above).

Loving my GHD!

Straightening my long & wavy hair has never been so easy!|

GDH hair straightener is extremely good quality, it is expensive, but
it's totally worth the money.
It really makes such a difference, when straightening my hair with this styler!
In Italy, you can buy a GHD at authorized hair salons, or directly on their website:

Which brand of hair straightener do you use?
Are you satisfied with it?
Have you ever tried the GHD hair stylers?

I'll talk to you soon,

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  1. I love this hair straightener! It looks so fun to use! My husband HATES straight hair!! But I do wear mine sort of that way alot! LOL I have always loved straight hair, because that was the style when I was in High School..long straight hair! I enjoyed your demonstration! Thank you!


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