Wednesday 6 April 2011

STYLE: Casual Chic for Spring & One Last Winter Outfit!

Another fashion vid is up on my eipysgudps youtube channel!
Make sure to check it out here!

Today I'm again concentrating on creating different outfits based on some of my purchases from H&M.

I bought a lot of basic cotton tops and finally, I found the right colour of turtleneck that I was searching for the entire winter, this will go great with my D&G inspired dress (Nordic print) winter! ;)

Here are my purchases:

A short sleeves white cotton top by H&M (L.O.G.G.)

Black cotton top by H&M
I <3 the pocket detail!

The same top, but in white colour!
This one is a size bigger than the black one.
I'm looking to acheive a very casual & slouchy look
with this top.

Another very similar top, just with a short sleeves & in
a very light grey colour.

Finally! A turtleneck in this colour is what I was
looking for during the winter months!
This too is by H&M.
And now, the outfits:

Outfit #1
Loving my cargo pants & the red belt!

Outfit #1
How cute is the owl necklace? ;)
  1.  White top: H&M (L.O.G.G.)
  2. Leopard print tube top: Bershka
  3. Red belt: Caleidos
  4. Cargo pants (skinny leg): Tally Weijl
  5. Owl necklace: H&M
  6. Boots: Imaty's Fashion factory

Outfit #2
  1.  Black top: H&M
  2. Leopard print top: Bershka
  3. Braided suede belt: Orsay
  4. Cargo pants: Tally Weijl
  5. Owl earrings & fairy necklace: INA market

Outfit #3
  1.  Jacket: Zara
  2. Black lace top: Intimissimi
  3. Cotton grey-ish top: H&M
  4. Belt: Top Shop
  5. Cargo pants: Tally Weijl
  6. Ring: Bijou Brigitte
  7. Bracelet, rocker chic inspired: Imaty's Fashion Factory

I'm layering my necklaces...
<3 the combination of these three :)
 These three outfits were very similar, I was just changing the tops, footwear & accessories.
They all have this casual feel with a touch of chic to them, thanx to the selection of (may I say trendy?...) accessories.

These are definitely my favourite outfits for spring, when outside it can still be a bit chilly and especially when running earrands, when you just want to feel comfy, but still look cute & eye catching! :)

Outfit #4
 I styled one last winter outfit because I finally got my hands on the turtleneck I've been wanting for some time now!
I wore this outfit at my Christmas party (without the turtleneck, ahem!)
I will be wearing it again when the right season comes.
Bye, bye dull & long winter!!!
You're finally gone :)

  1. D&G inspired dress (Nordic print): H&M
  2. Turtleneck: H&M
  3. Faux fur collar: H&M
  4. Grey tights: H&M
  5. Fur boots: INA market, Italy

Hope you girls enjoyed this video/ blog post!
See you again soon with some exciting thrift store finds ;)
This is what I was up to the past couple of weeks...thrifting like crazy with my girlfriends, lol 

xoxo, Sonja


  1. These were great looks on you, Sonja! I enjoyed the 3 quarter length shirts and I Loved your red suede boots with the cargo pants and love the dress at the end!xxoo Thank you for this video!


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