Wednesday 27 April 2011

Easter 2011. & My Trip to Croatia...

Hello girls!

I'm back from my short trip to Croatia! Even though I'm still not fully recovered from an ear infection, upon doctor's advice, I've decided to travel to Croatia & visit my family...
We went on a trip this Sunday (on Easter Day) and in a few hours I was at home with my family.
I tried to get a credit (to top up) my prepaid croatian internet account, but surprise, surprise, none of the places I went to were selling it (apparently, one can only buy the credit at the post office, or directly at Tele2 shops...)
As it was Easter and then Easter monday, those places were all closed, so I stayed without an internet connection...That's why I was M.I.A these days...
I could have bought the credit Tuesday, but honestly, I didn't want to, because I knew today I'll already be back here in Italy, with my internet flat line :) So if I already stayed without internet connection this Sunday and Monday, one more day wouldn't have made such a difference...

I'm so happy I got to see my family!
I'm always a bit depressed when I return to Italy, because I would love to be able to spend more time with my granny & help her out in daily activities.
Also, my Dad is going through a rough period health wise (he was at the E.R. almost all day yesterday and when we took him home it was already almost 22.00 p.m.)..All these things are constantly on my mind.
I wish I could do more to help them out!

My ear still isn't back to it's normal, I'm feeling much better, but still I'm not healed and have to continue my therapy...Tomorrow I start working again, hopefully everything goes well...
I'm a bit anxious as you can notice, but I'm praying & hoping everything will work out for the best!

I did manage to take some pics while I was in Croatia (I was planning to do much more, but I just didn't get a chance with all these things going on...)
So I'll just leave you to enjoy these colourful pics ;)

Easter In My Heart :)

My Outfit for the Easter Monday

It was raining a bit, so these are just a water marks
on my skirt, these aren't stains, so don't
you worry! :)

My clothes:
- everything is from H&M

Oxford style shoes:
- Best Shoes

Bag, Watch & Accessories:
- My handbag is by Guess
- Watch belonged to my grandfather (Doxa)
- Bold ring is from H&M, Anchor necklace is by Camaieu, DIY wrap bracelets made by moi ;)

<3 you!


My hubby was teasing me, blowing dandelions at me! My hair was covered in dandelions!!!
grr...I'll have my revenge! :D


Here are a few close-ups of my make up. I wanted to stay as natural as possible & be as quick as possible when doing  my make up!

For a natural, "acqua & sapone" look, on my face I'm wearing:
  • boi-ing concealer by Benefit, shade 01
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
  • essence All Over Highlighter in 01 Illuminate!
  • Avon True Colour Blush in Russet
  • Avon Super Shock mascara in black
  • Avon 24k gold eyeliner in Golden Brown
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protectant stick

I have a busy end of the week ahead of me, but I'll try to post again soon!
I'll take the rest of today's day for relaxing, doing my manicure & catching up on my youtube & blog subscriptions! I'm eager to see what were the other girls, whom I'm subbed to, up these days!

xoxo Sonja


  1. you looked really nice love the makeup :D

  2. glad to see that you are wearing a scarf to keep warm with that ear infection. You look very good, so you must be on the mend!

  3. Hi Sonja! I am so happy you were well enough to get to go to Croatia, to visit your family for Easter! I hope you feel better ea. day! I hope your father is much better now. I hated to hear he was having a hard time! I hope you will all be on the mend now and have good health!xxoo

  4. SOnja...Bas ti zavidim sto si isla doma za praznike, ja nisam mogla od ispita...Ali bas sam htela...

    SLike su fenomenalne izgledas bas srecno na njima <3 xoxo

  5. hey gorgeous! I found your blog thru your youtube channel. weird I have been watching your videos for a while now, And I love them but i never noticed you had a blog. Anywho, i am following you now. Can you follow me too?

  6. get well soon sonja!!! your make-up looked very beautiful and fresh!
    Ta-taa for now,

  7. Definitivno mislim da treba vise paznje da posvetis outfit postovima, i da stavljas vece slike! Sve na tebi mi je savrseno, a u suknjicu i cipele sam se zaljubila!:) A gde je radnja Best Shoes?

  8. @Stasha Hvala na sugestiji, nastojati cu se vise posvetiti outfit postovima :)
    Best Shoes cipele su jako povoljne cijenom, a kupujem ih u jednom tu lokalnom ducanu u Italiji.
    Dobra je kvaliteta, mislim da je inace spanjolski brand.


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