Saturday 23 April 2011

ShopTheLook.Net Jewellery

I hope you're all spending a nice Saturday and getting all the preparations done for the Easter tomorrow!
I'm still off work, at home, sick with my ear infection. I went to have my ear examined by the specialist this past Thursday and I'm continuing with the therapy, I'm taking a whole lot of medications and everything is under control, but these things pass very slowly and I'm still not feeling well :(
The Dr. told me I can travel, so hopefully I'll get to visit my family for Easter & spend some quality time with them!

Anyway, I meant to dedicate today's blog post to doing a quick review for ShopTheLook.Net jewellery.
I was contacted by this company and they asked me if I'd be willing to choose two of the styles from their website & if I like them, do a small review on their web store & the jewellery they sell.

They have got a HUGE selection of jewellery & I was overwhelmed! It was so difficult to choose two of the items that I liked the most. After quite some time spent browsing through their website, I've finally made up my mind and these are the items that I've chosen:

Peacock Stretch Ring
(This pic was taken with a flash.)

(With a flash)
I'm loving this statement piece, beautiful cocktail ring!

(In the natural day-light.)
This ring is set in Gold with pave rhinestones.
The quality is amazing, the colour is very vibrant and
it's not fading, the rhinestones are firmly attached to the ring.

The ring came in this velvet pouch, nicely

It's a stretch ring, so it'll basically fit any finger size and
you can wear it on a finger you prefer, or even change
from time to time :)

Peacock Stretch Ring is priced 14.00 $

The next item that I've chosen is a necklace, and this is also a bold, statement piece!

Layered Marrakesh Necklace

(This pic is taken with a flash)
The necklace is set in Gold and it has got
a lobster clasp closure.

(In the natural day-light)
Dimensions 18" with 3" extender.
This necklace was featured in Redbook Magazine's September Issue.
Layered Marrakesh Necklace retails at 24.00 $

Both of these pieces can totally dress up even the simplest outfits!

Don't forget to check out my full video review here:
(just click on the play button to watch my video)

If you catch a moment to browse through their website, do let me know which jewellery piece do you like the best?
What would you choose from their web site (I'm really curious to see your taste in jewellery!!)?

Thank you 
for sending me this amazing gift & giving me the opportunity to wear
& review your jewellery!

I'm wishing you all a wonderful rest of the weekend & if I don't get to post again before Easter, then  my lovelies, I'm wishing you all a lovely, lovely Easter!!!

xx Sonja

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  1. Taj prste sa paunom mi je prekrasan...A na stranu to jos je i strech sto ja jako volim. Lancic kao taj bas trazim za proljece jer ja uglavnom nosim neke obicne majice p volim da ih razbijem sa lancicem...Odusevljena sam!!!


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