Tuesday 10 May 2011

Afternoon With a Friend & Some Shopping...

Here is another post from me today... this is going to be something exclusive for my blog, something that you won't find on my youtube channel...a little bit extra, for all of you my loyal blog readers! ;)

Today in the afternoon hours, I met my friend Arianna, (check out her blog Shiny Fairies ) and we went for a little walk as it was nice, warm & sunny outside :)
We also did a bit of shopping ;)

My hubby took a couple of pics of my outfit while I was still at his workshop, so here they are, this is what I was wearing today:

I wore:

DENIM JACKET: Roccobarocco
BAG: Roccobarocco
BOW RING: Tally Weijl
SKULL BRACELET: some random store in Croatia
WATCH: Fossil

& here is my little haul...

High waisted shorts from
H&M (divided black)

Retail price: 19.95 €
I love this colour & style!
These were definitely on my wish list!

Bathing suit
Retails at 19.95€
 I may take a pic of me wearing this bathing suit, but in summer, on the beach, otherwise I think it's just weird...To take a pic of me wearing it in my house, only for my blog...Idk, I'm kind of shy about it! :)
Anyways, this is how it looks like on a model (see the pics bellow)
It's really a gorgeous bathing suit!
At first, I wasn't sure about whether I should even try it on, because I was convinced it would make me too flat in the chest area (it doesn't have any paddings or support for that matter).
But then, my curiosity won over & I tried it on &...I actually liked it very much!
It looks really nice & flattering, it doesn't make me too flat & it's not too out there & eye catching (at least I hope so! lol) I don't want to attract attention on me at the beach, lol
I think it's really chic!

A model wearing "my" bathing suit

I really love her jewellery too!
I think this necklace & earrings look gorgeous together
with this bathing suit!

I also bought this necklace!
I couldn't resist!
Love the feathers :)

H&M divided
Retail price: 6.95€

Last, but not least, I bought this super cute wooden ring
in a local one euro store.

Only 1€, but I think it's just lovely!
They also had this ring with violet and blue colour flower, but
I liked the pink one best :)

So, this was my OOTD & a mini- haul!
I got so used on shopping at a thrift store, that everything else seems super expensive for me!!!
But I really will make the most out of these items, I'm really loving everything that I got!

xx Sonja


  1. Sonja, you look so cute!! So trendy!! You purchased a nice haul too! Yes, after thrift shopping, it is hard to pay higher prices. That is a very chic bathing suit, but I wonder about the tan lines. LOLxxoo

  2. Mmm... I want those shorts!!



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