Monday 16 May 2011

Make Up Haul: Kiko & MAC

Hello ladies!

Recently I wrote about my mini haul at can read all about it 
I bought just two items, but these ones were definitely on the top of my wish list.

With my MAC purchases, I also got some free samples of Biotherm & Clarins.

In my recent video, I'm showing you this haul, and a few other goodies that I bought at Kiko store!

Just click on the link bellow to watch my video:

At Kiko I had a bit more fun, due to the fact that it's much more convenient price wise, and I think I've chosen some really nice things!

At Kiko, I bought:

- Brush Cleanser (50ml) : No-rinse gentle brush cleanser. Removes make-up residue and cleans bristles deep down, leaving them soft and shiny and keeping them in good condition.
How to use: 
Spray directly on the bristles, then wipe the bristles with a tissue to eliminate all residue.

- Kiko Face brush # 106 stippling brush

- Kiko nail lacquer # 340

- Kiko lip volume plumping lip cream

I'm really happy with these things, especially with my MAC haul, I love the bold coral colour of "Vegas Volt" lipstick!
I love both of the brushes that I've got, the blending brush by MAC (217) and the stippling brush by Kiko, I use it to apply my liquid foundation.

The vintage blue colour is amazing for Spring & Summer days!

Kiko lip volume lip cream did let me down, I must say :(
I had higher expectations! It comes off easily and the plumping effect disappears as soon as the cream is gone from your lips...isn't even that moisturizing...ughh :(
I will continue using it, until I finish it, but this is a product that I won't be repurchasing!

I hope you find this review/haul interesting & helpful :)

xx Sonja

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