Friday 27 May 2011

SUMMER EDITION: My Swimsuit/Bikini Collection & Tips in Choosing the Right Bikini

Hello lovelies!

In my today's video, I shared with you one part of my HUGE bikini/swimsuit collection :)
I live for the summer, I adore everything about it & if I could, I would spend my life at the beach!
That's why I'm such a big addict when it comes to beachwear shopping!

The swimsuits that I'm showing you today, are definitely among my favourites!
I like to shop for beachwear in these stores:

- Calzedonia
- Camaieu
- Goldenpoint
- Yamamay
- H&M

These are some of my favourite places for bikini shopping ;)

My bikinis last me definitely more than one season! I have bikinis in my collection, that have over six years and still look brand new!
I'm always very careful when it comes to maintaining them in a perfect condition: I always hand wash them and never leave them to dry at midday sun (I don't want the fabric to loose its shape and the colours to fade!)

Don't forget to check out my video, where I'm talking about the favourite bikinis in my collection & giving you some extra tips on how to find the right bikini for your body type!

(just hit the play button to watch the video)

& here are some pics of the swimsuits I'm showing you in the video; all pics were 
taken on my summer vacations in Italy & Croatia ;)

Polka dot, yellow swimsuit
by La Senza
Pic taken at the island of Rab, Croatia.

Pink bikini by Oviesse.
Pic taken at the beach of Moscenicka Draga, Croatia.

Swimsuit by Camaieu.
Pic taken at Ika, Croatia.

Swimsuit by Camaieu.
Pic taken at the island of Krk, Croatia.

Swimsuit by H&M.
Pic taken at Kraljevica, Uvala Scott, Croatia.

Swimsuit by Calzedonia.
Pic taken at the island of Rab, Croatia.

Bikini by SiSi Aqua (Goldenpoint).
Pic taken at the island of Rab, Croatia.

Bikini by SiSi Aqua.
Location: Rab, Croatia

Swimsuit by Yamamay.
Pic taken at the island of Sardinia, Italy.
& now, onto the tips in choosing the right bikini for your body type!


- Look for tops with a touch of padding, or an under- wire, demi- bra style that makes the most of a beautiful, dainty, bust line.
Try to find a top with adjustable straps at shoulders and around back so that you can tighten and adjust things, to help fill out the top line.
- You are very lucky that you have the body to wear those cute, ruffled tops that are so hot right now, so go for it.
And as for bandeau tops, only you can wear those well.
You can also show off in those tiny, tri- tops that the big busted girls only dream about.
- Avoid tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit.
Opt for separates, where you can choose your top and bottom separately.


- You may need some extra support; underwire tops can work well and look great.
- Halter- top bikinis are also good for you and will look very flattering on you.
- One- piece swimsuits with some structure in the bust
- Wide shoulder straps will be much more comfortable than thin, spaghetti straps.


- Find a suit that is cut high on the tigh.
- Vertical stripes can visually lengthen the body.
- Wear a solid bottom bikini with a printed top.
- A solid, one-piece suit with a plunging neckline.


- Go wild with the embellishments at the hips and bust line.
Rings, jewels, ties and bows are all good things for you.
- Horizontal stripes, fabrics such as stretch terry and velvet can be very flattering on your body.
- Wear super bright colours, plus they're so trendy right now!
- Cut- out one- piece swimsuit.
- Boy shorts, ruffled skirts and cover- ups.

If I didn't mention your body type, don't worry, I'll do that in my next video/blog post, because
SUMMER EDITION & all about swimsuits topic continues...

Enjoy these warm & sunny days!

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It's very quick & simple, but it'll help me out a lot!

Thank youuuuu :)
xoxo Sonja

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