Saturday, 14 May 2011

Essence Studio Nails Nail Fashion Sticker Review

Here is a quick review of the essence nail fashion stickers!
These are really easy & simple to apply & can make your regular manicure a bit more special & trendy if you add a cool print to just a few of your nails!
Just like I did
(see the pic bellow)

I got mine in a two different designs: 
  • 01 Cool Cover! (the cheetah print)
  • 07 All or Nothing! (stripes)

If you apply these properly, they will last you up to five days!

Here is what you need to do:
  1. Be sure that your natural nails are clean & greaseless (therefor avoid the hand & nail cream), if necessary push back cuticles.
  2. Select correct size strip for each nail.
  3. Apply the predecorated fashion stickers onto your nails- important: place rounded edge against cuticle line, but still leave a little space between cuticles and nail fashion sticker.
  4. Press sticker onto nail while flatten the surface through gentle rubbing
  5. Smooth excess over nail edge. Gentle file off excess of the sticker with the nail file- ready!
Your nail stickers can easily be removed by peeling them off, just like any sticker.
A tip for a shiny finish: Seal the design with a clear top coat.

These stickers are also applicable on artificial nails, gels and acrylics.
Depending on your personal preference and the look you want to acheive, you can apply these to all your 10 nails, or just to several ones, of your choice.
I choose to apply these stickers only on my ring fingers, just to "spice up" a bit, my regular manicure.

I combined the cheetah print stickers with S-he Stylezone nail polish (availaable at DM drugstores) in shade #230.
I think the combination looks pretty good, but it would also look brilliant with brown nail polish (I'm thinking, Chanel 505 Particuliere), black, or neutral colour nail polish (O.P.I. hopelessly in love)

Overall I'm really happy with these stickers!

Have you ever tried these stickers? If so, which brand?
Which design is your favourite?
I personally think the cheetah print one is so cute, but the stripy one looks cool too!

xx Sonja

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  1. Oh! I've been wanting to try these, but have been waiting to see someone use them!
    maybe I'll pick up a pack my next trip to OVS!


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