Saturday 21 May 2011

An Evening Out!

Hello girls!

This was my outfit for the Wednesday evening, when, after dinner, my hubby & I went for a walk in the centre of the town.
We were supposed to meet our friends, but they got stucked having dinner at a restaurant, so we ended up just having a short walk & grabing some delicious ice-creams as a dessert!
If I had known this was going to be just a short walk, I would have dressed more casual, but, never mind, who doesn't like to dress up from time to time? ;)
Even if it's just for a short walk in the warm Spring evening...

Black lace body was a gift from my Mum, I've had it for
YEARS now!

Ballet flats are by H&M (divided)

Handmade skull & sea shells earrings

Vintage purse.
Rings: H&M

My DIY project: Skull earrings

As far as the footwear goes, I would have rather picked out a pair of elegant heels or wedges, but my thumb still isn't healed at 100%, so I have to wear very comfy shoes or sneakers, given the fact that I still wear a bandage! ouch!


- BLACK LACE BODY: I don't know the brand, my Mum gave this to me many years ago!
- BLACK TIGHTS: Golden Point
- BALLET FLATS: H&M (divided)
- PURSE: Vintage (inherited from my hubby's relative)
- SKULL EARRINGS: My latest DIY project, these were originally a key chains, bought at 1€uro store.
I transformed them into a pair of trendy earrings and it cost me only 2 €! :)

I'll talk to you soon, I'm wishing you all a lovely Saturday!
Mine will be extra busy at work, so I better go to sleep now!

I'll show you what I wore today for work, in my next blog post :)

xoxo Sonja

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