Wednesday 18 May 2011

Summer Edition Videos on My Youtube Beauty Channel! (How to look your best at the beach?)

Dear girls,

I have recently started a new series of beauty videos on my eipysgudps channel, dedicated to Summer & everything about it!
I'll share with you my little tips & tricks on how to look your best in Summertime & at the beach, how to get fit & proudly show off your body in a trendy bikini!
I'll talk about what I do to prepare my body for Summer, starting from cosmetic products that I use, my daily routine under the shower, but I'll also be talking about the excercise, what keeps me motivated, food supplements that I'm taking before starting the sun exposure, my balanced diet and healthy lifestyle...
I'll also be talking about my hair care routine in summer, review the sun care line of the hair products that I use, talk about my pedicure and show you my BIG bikini collection!
Starting from the new ones that I recently got at H&M (I couldn't resist, they were just too cute!!!)
As you can see, I'll touch every possible summer related subject just because I LOVE SUMMER SO MUCH!!!

If you have any requests, related to summer beauty & fashion, don't hesitate to let me know!
You might just inspire me for my next video :)

I already have TWO  "Summer Edition" videos up, so don't miss on them!
In the first one, I'm talking about my daily routine in bodycare, all the things I do to prepare my body (from the outside) to look its best!
Starting from what happens under the shower, body brushes, shower gels, moving on to body moisturizers, self-tanners & depilation...
A very thorough video I'd say, so definitely a MUST-SEE!
(hit the play button to watch it now)

Here are my must-have products featured in this video:

Body brushes: Avon Planet Spa & Schlecker.
Body scrub (before self-tanning): Balea Aroma Dusch Peeling.
Avon Solutions Body Instant Tone body spray.

Body moisturizers (can't live without them!!!for a silky, smooth skin):
- Nivea Body Smooth Milk,
- Afrodita Kozmetika Kamilica Sensitive.
Nivea Sun Sun Touch self-tanner in a spray for a sun kissed skin!

Depilation; I always do it myself at home!
My favourite razor is Gillette Venus Embrace.
Balea Kaltwachs Streifen (cold wax stripes).
As you could have noticed, Balea brand is one of important brands of cosmetics when talking about my daily body care routine.
I'm very pleased with this brand, unfortunately it's available only in DM (drogerie markt) drugstores.
It's their exclusive brand. It's very high quality, but also very affordable!

In my other video, I'm talking about things that I try to do, excercise wise & from the inside (healthy, balanced diet), to keep my body healthy & in shape.
(again, click play to watch this second video)


- I try to excercise on the days I'm off work on my home stepper, 20 to 45 min.
I work only 3 days a week and when I work, I don't need any extra excercise, believe me, as I move A LOT!
- When excercising, I usually watch something on my computer, a youtube video or one of my favourite tv shows (The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, 90210, Pasion de Gavilanes etc.)


- Honestly, it's not easy for me to stay motivated! Especially in winter months when I'm such a lazy bear!!! LOL
- I usually start working out in Spring time, but I recommend to all of you to be consistent in excercising all year round if you want to tone up your body and see some long lasting results!
- My biggest motivation is just thinking about myself at the beach in bikini: I want to look good!


-20 days before the sun exposure, I start taking Beta Carotene pills.
I basically continue using them throughout the summer.
I take one pill every day, after meal.
This helps me to prepare my skin for the sun exposure in therms that I don't get sun burned easily (of course, I still use a SPF!!! It's a must!!!And always avoid the hottest hours of the day, when the sun rays are very dangerous - from 11 a.m., until, at least 14 p.m.)
If I go to the beach regularly, I'll gradually catch a nice tan and it won't come off so easily- thanx to Beta Carotene supplements!
- This is my third year in a row that I'm taking Beta Carotene and I really see the difference on my skin in summer, when tanning!
- Beta Carotene is also a good anti-oxidant, so it'll help prevent the premature skin ageing caused by the sun exposure!
- My pills also contain carrot and acerola extract, and are enriched in vitamin E and A.

This year, I'm taking Carotene by Planta Medica.
I bough mine in a local herbalist store.
Price: 17.50 €


- Health & Diet go together side by side!
- You have to eat a balanced diet in order to be healthy and therefor, look good!
- I personally know what works best for me: I eat everything, I listen to what my organism wants and never deprive myself of anything. But I never eat so much that I feel so full that I can't breath or move!
I always leave plenty of space for a dessert ;)
- I love fruit and vegetables and these are on my daily menu!

Fruit salad with kamut cerals and honey.
So yummy!

- I also eat meat, but not every day. I prefer white meat than red meat, but when prepared on a barbecue, I can't say no to a red meat!
- I love fish and seafood!
- I would advice all of you, before starting a diet, to consult your doctor or nutritionist!
- I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, or any kind of health expert, so I don't want to give you any personal advices on how your diet should be. This would be very irresponsible of me!
-I'm just telling you what works best for me!

That was pretty much it girls, I hope you found this post (& my videos) interesting and, somewhat helpful!
If you have any questions, or requests, feel free to contact me :)

More Summer Edition videos coming soon!

And for the end, here are some of my pics, wearing my hair natural, wavy!
Summer inspired!

The island of Rab, Croatia.
Beautiful beach & clear sea!
xoxo Sonja

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